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  • Hi

    Ive renewed my membership via British Cycling and wondering when I will get full access again to the forum?


  • Hey Andrew, @SallyB is currently on holidays, but I'm sure she'll be able to sort you out soon enough.

  • Thanks Zac for letting me know :)


  • If anyone wishes to become a member whilst we're still impacted by Covid 19, please see relevant information here:­/345922/

  • Hi Zac,
    I’m trying to book an intro ride to become a member and I understand that I first need to register as an user and sign up in the forum but can’t seem to find the link or the form.
    I’d be most grateful if you could tell me how to proceed - much appreciated

  • Hi @Zac, I did a intro ride just before the second lockdown . Is it okay for me to join the club and start riding now? Thanks Alicia

  • I think you have to join within 6 months of doing an intro (or group skills ride). Probably best to contact our membership secretary (+SallyB) and state the date of your ride.

  • Just use the sign in/register button on the top right

  • Hi there I would like to join and was wondering when the next opportunity is to come along as a guest or on the introductory rides


  • Hi! @Zac

    I posted an event but posted in the wrong category. I wanted to create a silver ride event but accidentally posted it in the green club rides.

    Can you please advise how to change?

  • Hello, I've attended the Group Skills session this week (09/06/2021) and bought the membership via British Cycling. What is the next step before joining you for a ride? I can't see the members section of the forum just yet...

  • @SallyB should be able to help you out, but it usually takes her a few days to process membership applications.

  • Hello, as Pedro I've also attended the Group Skills session last week (09/06/2021) and bought the membership via British Cycling, however, i havent got any email confirming membership and I cant can't see the members section either. Thanks!

  • Can anyone please post the link to the upcoming Group Session or Cycke rides that are required to join the club?

    It says in the topic about joining that it's on the "Cripping In" page, but there are nine pages of questions on that and haven't found the one that lists these rides.

    Thanks in advance

  • Hi, I have renewed my membership, is someone able to give me access to all the forum pages? Scott

  • Once you've been on an intro cycle ride and paid to become a member, how long does it take to get member access to book onto a club ride?

  • I have been cycling for many years , and toured France by bike 2019- 2019 .
    I am reasonably fit . I have recently moved to London from Rutland ,and would like to join a friendly and like minded cycling group /club I am 81 years old and reasonably fit, attend the gym and walk about 3 to 4 miles a day.

  • Hi Peewee,

    We met your partner this morning at Highbury Fields. Glad you found us online, too. There's an intro ride heading out from Highbury Fields at 9.30 on Saturday. You can find details of it here. It looks like there might be some spaces. Search for this:

    An Introduction to Club Cycling - 5 March 2022

    and sign up if you can. Intro rides happen every month. Hope to see you on the road.

  • Hello :)

    So I went to the intro ride on the 5th March. Then I signed up to the club in British Cycling, and paid. Seems like my payment went through, and according to British Cycling I am Affiliated until the end of 2022 (exciting!)

    Now... I was wondering if there are sections of the forum I should be seeing, but I can't find or I still don't have access to. Like rides coming up, or events.

    Maybe I just don't know my way around the forum... help please!

    Thanks in advance,


  • Hi Eduardo, welcome to the club!

    We are all volunteers here so we may need more than 3 working days to clear a new membership. Rest assured that it will be sorted :-)


  • Hi all,

    I attended the Group Skills session on Saturday and i'm now looking to sign up. When i'm processing through my membership form it's asking for me to select between British Cycling Ride (£22) vs British Cycling Race Silver (£19). I was going to process the Race bronze package (£0) however my understanding is that I need a membership that includes liability insurance to attend group rides?

    I just wanted to check that i'm not missing anything as the better looking membership is the cheaper price? If someone is able to confirm and I can get this processed and start attending group rides. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.


  • Club membership is completely separate from BC membership, though you get Bronze for free for 1 year. You don't need anything else to join club rides other than to be a member.

    I personally don't think Bronze is worth it and wouldn't pay for Bronze when renewing.

  • Hi Marty,

    Just to clarify, club membership on its own does not include any insurance to the individual. It would be one of the BC memberships for liability cover for yourself.

    I’m not aware of a club policy which requires members to be insured but certainly recommended, maybe jump in @Alec in case there’s something I’m not across.


  • @Martyaaron

    however my understanding is that I need a membership that includes liability insurance to attend group rides?

    This always causes confusion - there are really three kinds of insurance that we all need to worry about:

    • Personal insurance - coverage for you, your bike and your accessories against accidents/theft (something like YellowJersey, Laka etc). Discounts and reccomendation codes can be found in the forum somewhere.

    • Personal liability insurance - are you covered if you cause an accident that impacts a member of the public - eg: you cause a car to smash into someone's house. Many of the insurance firms above provide this, but it is included in BC for Race Gold, Race Silver, Ride and Commute Members

    • Club liability insurance - something the club has in order to protect itself against being sued because of things the members do on official club events, or because of things that occur during our races/special events. EG: someone crashes during the Great Escape and sues the club because they think we did not sign post things correctly.

    The club has traditionally never asked anyone to have personal accident/theft or public liability insurance. Reading between @ChrisGold words, the committee has not discussed this recently.

    My personal view is that anyone with a bike worth more than £500 should insure it (£500 being the amount normally catered for under household insurance), but that's an individual's choice. If you are a BC member, chances are you have liability insurance, and the rest is up to the club.

    Hope that clarifies things a little (or at least hasn't confused you more!!!)

  • @JonnyK @ChrisGold @Zac

    Thanks for getting back to me and i'm all sorted now. I picked up the BC Silver membership anyway as it offered more in terms of the race side plus the perks and liability insurance. I've also already got cover for my bike separately so all set.

    Cheers again, hopefully see you all on some evening / weekend rides soon.

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Becoming a member

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