• As you’re probably aware we are unable to run any club rides at the moment due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. This includes the introductory and group skills rides that we mandate prospective members attend before we can approve their membership application.

    We are, however, still planning and running lots of exciting club activities such as group indoor training rides, advice on how to keep exercising during lock down and even hosting a regular ‘not in the pub’ pub quiz to replace our socials.

    If you would still like to join the club now, even though we are unable to get out on our normal rides, we would be happy to process your membership application and postpone the requirement for you to attend an introduction session until it is safe for us to hold them again.

    If you agree, we would request that you sign up for, and attend, an introduction session (either our intro ride held once monthly, or our group skills session held bimonthly) within 3 months of them being reinstated. If you fail to attend one of these sessions then we would have to revoke your membership and you would forfeit your membership fee. The safety of our members is our number one priority and these sessions help us to ensure that everyone is behaving responsibly and riding safely when out on the road together.

    You would not be able to pick up your jersey or receive your membership card until you had attended the mandated session but you would have immediate access to the entirety of our club forum, which we use to stay in touch with one another as well as arranging virtual rides and other activities. You would also have access to the membership benefits and discounts that do not require your membership card for redemption.

    Obviously the decision is yours and if you would prefer to wait until we are able to ride outside again then that is absolutely fine and we look forward to welcoming you to the club when sessions are back up and running.

    If you have any further questions around this or becoming a member in general then please drop me a direct message or email me: [email protected]



  • Fantastic.But the club Jersey once we done a introduction correct?

  • Hi Sally, looking forward to getting out with you guys. When do you think the next intro ride will be scheduled? Should I just keep an eye on the forum for CVD19 updates? Or should I email you an 'expression of interest'. Thanks!

  • Hi, yes this is correct, mostly to avoid an unnecessary trip to the shop where they are stocked. We don't want to put anyone at risk at the moment.


  • Hi Laura,

    At the moment they are cancelled until we hear anything from the government. Even once lockdown is over, there will still be social distancing in place for a good while. Our rides won't start up again until we are sure it's safe to do so. I'm keeping a record of everyone who joins the club during this time and will email all new joiners when our intro rides (and other rides!) are back up and running.

    If you do want to join now, then just make an application and I'll drop you an email to make sure you're happy with the terms outlined above. Once that's all signed off I'll process the membership.

    Shout if you need any further info or advice.

  • Sally - thanks for the update, I'll keep an eye on the boards for when it picks up again, and will join once that's up and running - hopefully not too much longer (fingers crossed)!

  • If you want to drop me an email I can pop you onto a list of people to contact once we're back in action, but otherwise yes just keep an eye on the forum. Thanks.

  • Sally that would be fab! - should I drop you an email here? [email protected]

  • Yep that's the one!

  • Fair enough

  • Happy to have joined! Look forward to seeing you all soon :)

  • Hello, is there an update on the introductory rides now that the restrictions have been reduced?

  • Hi, happy to give you an update but I'm afraid there's not much of one to give! The recent relaxation from British Cycling only has really changed in one way; Previously people could cycle in groups of 2 as long as they were socially distant throughout, now people can cycle in groups of up to 6 but the social distancing still has to be maintained.

    Given that it is incredibly difficult to maintain social distancing whilst on a bike, especially on the busy roads that we have in London, we are still not holding any club rides. Club members are free to organise their own rides in groups up to 6 but they are not club organised activities.

    I'll happily keep this thread updated as to when this changes but in the mean time if you want to drop me an email on [email protected] and I'll add you to a list of people to contact when club activities resume.



  • Thank you for letting me know.

  • Hi everyone! Will any rides be organised after the 4th of July?
    Thank you,

  • Nothing has changed yet. I expect BC will issue updated guidance once the Government has and then the ICC Committee will decide what to do, but none of us have any advance knowledge of when or what form these decisions will take.

  • Hi Anca,

    As Stephen said, at the moment there's not an awful lot going on with regard to club activities, due to the ongoing pandemic. We're waiting for further updates from British Cycling but currently the advice is rides can take place in groups of up to 6 but preferably on closed roads because social distancing of 2m has to be maintained throughout. As you can imagine this is pretty impossible on London roads so we are still suspending all club activities. We will be following all government guidance, so as things ease we will be looking to reinstate club rides where we can.

    Rides are being organised amongst members on our club forum, these are not sanctioned club rides and riders accept all responsibility for these rides. Social distancing still needs to be maintained at 2m between all riders on these rides as well. We are also only allowing these rides to take place where they've been organised in a way that we can track and trace riders should any develop Covid symptoms.

    I'm keeping a list of people who want to be contacted when our rides are back up and running and I'd be happy to add your email address to that if you'd like? Just drop me an email on [email protected]



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Becoming a member whilst we're impacted by Covid 19

Posted by Avatar for SallyB @SallyB