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On the bike: a daily commuter, a weekend rider, several Dunwich Dynamos and couple of longer unsupported adventures: Bilbao to Seville in 6 days 2015; Zurich to Budapest, in 6 days 2016.
Off the bike: getting older at a rate of knots but no less curious about all kinds of stuff.

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    Hi Alex-Mac,
    The aim is to be back sometime between 11.30 and 12.

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    Thanks to Alec, Mike, Tim and James for introducing me to the delights of Two-up, Paceline and the Chain Gang on a dark and chilly night at the Inner Circle. Your patience and good humour is much appreciated. Hope to see you on a ride sometime soon.

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    Hi Alec,
    I think I've invited myself to join you on Thursday. I've done two club rides on a Sunday and have got at least partly used to being shouted at. I'd now like to learn how to shout back! Look forward to meeting you/others at 6.30pm.
    Paul Kitchen