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  • Yes. But the Saturday rides are members only. Guests are invited to our Sunday club rides.

  • Hi Guys,
    I attended the Group skills session last Saturday and I'd like to try a group ride. Are the Saturday 8am rides okay to attend as a guest, please? Or does it have to be a Sunday ride?

  • Hi +AndiSz

    Saturday rides are club rides, but you are welcome on Sundays. Good thing is you have done the group skills, so if you join you can jump straight in on Saturdays.



  • Thank you Jonny!

  • are there unofficial rides during the weekdays? i only have university on monday and tuesdays and i spend my weekends working 9 until 6 so its hard to find rides to fit around my schedule. If there are, where are they normally posted? thank you

  • Hello. There are lots of us with schedules like this. These sort of rides (or requests to see if anyone else wants to ride) would generally be posted under the ‘Last Minute Rides’ section of the forum. This will be visible to you once you’ve actually joined.

  • I mean in terms of the compulsory group skills rides

  • There are no unofficial group skills rides, though maybe @AlecJ can schedule one on an alternative weekday evening next month.

  • Hi, are there any midweek rides this week??? (feb 13)

  • Hi - how long are the Sunday rides please? I am hoping to come along as a guest. Thanks

  • Hi +Voirrey

    We will have a variety of different rides most weekends. Our C groups tend to be around 50-60km, B rides 60-90km and A rides 80-100km+.

    What sort of length were you looking for?



  • Hi there

    Is there somewhere on the forum that I can see what Sunday C rides are happening tomorrow please? Thanks.

  • Thanks Jonny
    I'm building up training to a London to Paris cycle - not quite up to those distances yet but sound great for in a couple of weeks. Thank you!

  • @HelenC

    C rides are posted here on the Forum. If there isn't one, then either you or other C riders can post one or turn up at Whittington Park at 08:30 and join a C ride as it's organised on the day.


  • Hi, I would like to go for an introduction in the C group. Will there be a ride on Sunday March 31st (Easter)?

  • Joined last week and very much looking forward to a group ride. I figured I'd take advantage of good Friday and try out the radlett revolution route but phone battery failed and made a few wrong turns. Is the gpx or starva route available? Cheers

  • @MarkL

    Welcome to the club.

    You'll find RR at ridewithgps here:


    You may need to request to be a member of ICC within ridewithgps to get access to all the ICC rides.

  • Hi Mark,

    Welcome to the club. To add to what Colin has said, all of our routes are available in the Roadbook section of the forum. You can find popular routes as well as anything we do as a weekly ride.

    If you have a route you’d love to share, do let +SeanW know and he can put it out in the newsletter.

    Look forward to seeing you on the road sometime.



  • A quick question regarding the weekly riding activities: in order to come and join as a member, do we need to sign up each time? Is there an allocated number, etc? Or if I just show up, can I join the rides?

  • Once you're a member, you just turn up and ride, on the understanding that you help lead rides or volunteer in other ways. Some ride leaders ask people to sign up in advance on this forum to control numbers, but there's always the option of more than one group if there are too many people. There are club rides most days, except generally Mondays and Fridays.

  • Hi how long are the rides on a Sunday morning? Where can I find info on where they go? I'd be keen to come and join in tomorrow, but keen to be back in time for the football...

  • Hi. A quick question, would anybody be interested in cycling to Box Hill and Leith Hill soon? It's on the route for the Ride 100 and I would like to do it, if nothing else just so I can recce the route, but do not know the way myself (and I don't have a GPS like Garmin to use).
    Do let me know if anyone else is interested in cycling the hills or recceing the Ride 100 route, especially those who are taking part in the event themselves.

  • Links to the A ride, B ride and C ride threads herein. Keep an eye on the In The Saddle area of the forum, or else use the Today tab at the top of the page and you should have a full picture of the forum activity. You can sign up with appropriate rides offered on the forum, or else turn up at Whittington Park for 8-20 and see what rides are offered. If you're new to the club, please do introduce yourself as such. If you're unsure about which group to join, we'd recommend you start with a C-ride.

    There will be a range of rides offered probably starting at 30 miles / 2 hours.

    Can you also please edit your forum username in the Edit Profile section top right - currently you show as user91307. You are not a number :-)

  • Hi there thanks for your reply - I don't have access to the A ride/ B ride/ C ride threads sadly - is it because I'm not a member yet?

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Our club rides

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