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    @DavidMason is there something you’re not telling me? I’m hoping I don’t have to do a GS session 🤣

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    @ShauNuff - that looks like Luke, but also looks a lot older than Luke back then.

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    however my understanding is that I need a membership that includes liability insurance to attend group rides?

    This always causes confusion - there are really three kinds of insurance that we all need to worry about:

    • Personal insurance - coverage for you, your bike and your accessories against accidents/theft (something like YellowJersey, Laka etc). Discounts and reccomendation codes can be found in the forum somewhere.

    • Personal liability insurance - are you covered if you cause an accident that impacts a member of the public - eg: you cause a car to smash into someone's house. Many of the insurance firms above provide this, but it is included in BC for Race Gold, Race Silver, Ride and Commute Members

    • Club liability insurance - something the club has in order to protect itself against being sued because of things the members do on official club events, or because of things that occur during our races/special events. EG: someone crashes during the Great Escape and sues the club because they think we did not sign post things correctly.

    The club has traditionally never asked anyone to have personal accident/theft or public liability insurance. Reading between @ChrisGold words, the committee has not discussed this recently.

    My personal view is that anyone with a bike worth more than £500 should insure it (£500 being the amount normally catered for under household insurance), but that's an individual's choice. If you are a BC member, chances are you have liability insurance, and the rest is up to the club.

    Hope that clarifies things a little (or at least hasn't confused you more!!!)

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    Hi +Becca_o - the list above is people who have confirmed they are attending - if you clicked attending above and have the email, then add your name to the list as a confirmed attendee.

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    @Jonathan - as david mentioned, keep an eye on the Jan 22nd event as you may have a last minute entry chance.

    If you comment there you will receive notifications of any comments

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    As long as the diet works for you, is sensible and aligned with your principle there is not better diets than others as far as I'm concerned.

    This 100% - getting bogged down in minutiae can put people off.

    To me there are a few critical things:

    1. Decide why you are changing your eating habits - are you looking to remove significant fat amounts (10kg), make significant performance gains or simply want to be a bit healthier.
    2. Finding a lifestyle choice that works rather than a 12 week "diet programme". What I like about the programme I adhere to is it's lasted two years now. Sure I'm not as strict as when I first started it, but my goals have changed (see 1)
    3. Don't fixate on a number - 87kg of muscle weighs the same as 87kg of fat. I always liked Racing Weight's principle of your ideal weight is the weight you achieve your goals at. Tie in your goals with key results, not your key results with your goals.

    Caveat: still not a nutritionist nor a doctor

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    @SteveHunt49 - sorry missed this totally.

    I do what I would call "semi Keto". I'm not convinced on the benefits of Keto for endurance sports, as the body needs carbs at points. What I do is limit my carb intake to the middle of the day on normal days, and about an 1.5 hrs before an intense effort (eg: VO2 max sessions on the turbo).

    For me, there is little point putting complex carbs in after around 2pm. Unless you are doing a massive session, you won't burn through them in everyday life, and overnight your body will turn them into fat. So any work you did that morning to burn the fat is negated. I also don't see the point in a breakfast of complex carbs if you're only doing a aerobic exercise session in the am (commute, light weights etc).

    I've been doing this two years now, and have found it a simple way of fuelling for rides and keeping my weight down.

    Caveat: this works for me, and I'm not a doctor/nutritionist

    For example, my daily routine might be:

    Weights or turbo session
    Breakfast - usually low fat yogurt with berries (black, blue, rasp, straw) and mango, coffee and yakult
    Mid morning snack of fruit or nuts (if I have a banana it will be around now)
    Lunch - lean meats, veg, grains, potatoes, maybe bread or pasta. Usually somewhere around 40g of complex carbs (fist full).
    Post lunch snack - popcorn or pop chips or similar
    afternoon snack - fruit or nuts
    Dinner - lean meat/salad/veg - no complex carbs
    Evening snack - nuts, seeds, maybe a little dark (75%+) chocolate

    This is accompanied by 12-15k steps/day, loads of water and copious green tea

    Zwift race days - if a race is circa 7:30 I will have a bowl of porridge around 5:30 with honey and berries. I will have a banana halfway through the race.

    Club ride fuel: I will work on high fat nuts and seeds - macadamias are little balls of energy and on a club ride you'll burn straight through them.

    Sportive fuel: Start out on slow burning carbs (peanut butter sarnies etc) and migrate to gels/gummies for that last bit of energy. Mixture of snacks like nuts and maybe a bar or two for the lull points.

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    @Tori_Walker did you get at takers?

    I’m looking to transfer my one day ticket as I can no longer make it. Anyone want it?

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    Thanks to all who made it tonight. Really great meeting you all and some really good riding.

    Looking forward to seeing you out on the road and at our (if for now virtual) socials.