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  • Hi. Didn't do last Tuesday as rain was too heavy. Is there a Radlett ride tomorrow 18:30 from Whittington Park Holloway Road entrance?

  • Hi,
    I'm looking to join a CC and plan to come along to the 8:30am club ride tomorrow. I've had some experience riding in a group and am comfortable tackling fairly long (audax-style) distances, but just wanted to check what distance routes are likely to be on offer. (I've seen references to a forum where the club run routes are planned but don't think I'm able to access it.)
    Looks like it's going to be a nice sunny morning :)

  • Welcome Agnes,
    On Sundays routes vary from 40-50km for people looking for an easier day or who need to be back by lunchtime, all the way up to 160km+. 100-120km is pretty typical for a B pace ride. Longer rides are available but tend to be on a one-off basis, advertised on the forum with people expressing interest in advance. There have recently been 200+ km routes on offer if that is what you are after. I think you need to be a member to see those posts though.

    For the first ride with the club we recommend joining a C ride which tend to be on the shorter side. Hope that helps.

  • Thanks Nick, that's all very helpful.

  • I attended a group skills session on the 21st September and was hoping to come out for one of the group rides this Sunday morning. I plan on joining after this ride, is that alright?

  • @JoeHarvey that's absolutely fine. It would be good to turn up a little earlier than 8:30 and explain to the group that you join that you've done the GS session, but that it is your first Sunday ride. Have fun.

  • @JamesE that's great thanks, I'll do that... cheers!

  • Hi there, I recently came along to the introduction ride last weekend and really enjoyed myself. I am now wanting to join in on one of the training sessions at regents park on Saturday morning to see what they are like, before I commit to joining the club. I was talking to my ride leader, Darcy (pleasure to meet you, I look forward to riding with you more in the future hopefully), and was told I could just turn up for 7am and jump on. I just wanted to ask if this was definitely ok and if I did so, should I just arrive slightly early to introduce myself and the like?

  • Hi +TheoClarke

    Welcome to the club, look forward to meeting you.

    Regents Park 7am is a very fast session. All members are welcome, however knowing whether you are ready is a good question.

    We are about to publish some advice and changes to the rides to allow all members to enjoy this session within the spirit of the club. This should be out within the next couple of days. I’ll let you know when it’s up.



  • Hi Jonny,
    Cheers for the reply. Darcy told me it's an average pace of around 30kmh, is that accurate? If so I think with a group I would be able to hang on no problem but seeing that advice I'm sure would be invaluable,

  • Hi Theo,
    Glad you enjoyed the intro ride. Think we might have been talking about different times. The 7am Saturday laps are much faster than that. Probably closer to 40 kph but someone else can probably give you a better idea.

    8am laps vary in pace according to group so if you’re looking for a 30 kph average pace I’d recommend turning up just before 8 and listening out for a suitable group.

  • Hi Theo,

    Echoing what Darcy is saying - 7am is the only official training ride, so if you're looking for a 30kph ride, 8am is the one for you. Whichever group you join, there are always a group at the end in the cafe, so maybe try the 8 first then discuss with those there if 7 is appropriate?



  • Hi Darcy and Jonny,
    Thanks to both of you for the information, seeing as it's my first go I think I'll go to the 8 first to see what it's like and to talk to people. Hopefully I'll be in the 7am session soon as

  • No worries,
    Look forward to seeing you there.

  • Hi all, where in Regent's Park do we meet for tomorrow's ride? I joined a few days ago, so it seems I don't have access to the ride listings just yet.


  • Hi Mariana,
    we meet at the main Zoo entrance just before 8am. See you there!

  • Tomorrow 8:30am whittington park still on?

  • Hi, I would like to join ICC, would tomorrow morning (Sunday 5th of Nov.) ride be appropriate as a start? I know you have introduction and group skills rides, but I can't make it on Thursday and Saturday mornings. That said I rode in a club years ago.
    [UPDATE] Or any other Sunday?

  • Are there any ICC cycling sportives/races or socials coming up?
    Or has anyone signed up to any event between now and next August?

    Let me know :)

  • Joel

    Next year we will run three long distance events as reliability rides:

    Half the Road (women only) - 100km - April 2018
    The Great Escape - 200km - May 2018
    The Italian Job - 100km - June 2018

    There will be a road race, open time trial, crit and CX races.

    Booking for these will open over the festive period on http://www.islington.cc

    Plus a series of club time trials for members.

    And we have monthly socials for members.


  • Hi, I would like to join ICC, would Sunday morning rides be appropriate as a start? I know you have introduction and group skills rides, but I can't make it on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. I had rode in groups in the past.

  • Hi Yannick, great stuff.

    You can come along to up to 3 Sunday rides as a guest. You can see more details here: https://forum.islington.cc/conversations­/312962/

  • tomorrow 8am saturday club ride still on?

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Our club rides

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