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  • Hi how long are the rides on a Sunday morning? Where can I find info on where they go? I'd be keen to come and join in tomorrow, but keen to be back in time for the football...

  • Links to the A ride, B ride and C ride threads herein. Keep an eye on the In The Saddle area of the forum, or else use the Today tab at the top of the page and you should have a full picture of the forum activity. You can sign up with appropriate rides offered on the forum, or else turn up at Whittington Park for 8-20 and see what rides are offered. If you're new to the club, please do introduce yourself as such. If you're unsure about which group to join, we'd recommend you start with a C-ride.

    There will be a range of rides offered probably starting at 30 miles / 2 hours.

    Can you also please edit your forum username in the Edit Profile section top right - currently you show as user91307. You are not a number :-)


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