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  • Hi,

    I ended up joining the ride last year for new joiners (on April 12th) but never ended up joining the club. I'm now interested in joining for this year, do I have to re-do the group skills session?

    Thanks in advance,


  • Hi Nick,

    Yes, I'm afraid you will have to do it again, our Group Skills and Intro ride sessions are valid for 6 months. You can find details of all our upcoming rides here:­05/­04/

    (I'd also suggest you take your email address off the original post, it'll stop you getting any unwanted spam from companies who scour the internet for email addresses to bombard).

  • Hi, I joined the C ride last Sunday and with (Working off memory for names, apologies if I got it wrong) Barry and Christian. They said to post on here about membership and a training ride happening Sunday with Barry. If you could send me any info that would be great


  • Hi Jonny,

    Great to hear that you've been out already, have you applied to join the club? What you need to do next is to join through the links on which will take you to a joining page on British Cycling. You then just need to complete either a Group Skills or Intro ride training session to have your application accepted.


  • Hi Alec,
    Thanks for that, I'll sort that out. I realised I meant Saturday not Sunday in my last message and assuming it was this Group Skills that Barry mentioned. Will get the application started before. Thanks

  • Hi Jonny

    Yep, that's the one.

    See you Saturday (and don't forget to change your user name to something more easily identifiable)


  • Hi Sally

    I am interested in joining one of the introductory rides, and becoming a member. When will you know the dates?

  • Hi Petra,

    You can find details of all our upcoming rides in these sections of the forum:­05/­04/

  • Hi,

    I came to the introductory ride in January 2018 but have only just got round to signing up as I've been riding with another club. I've been on a couple of rides with Islington since then, but I just want to make sure I'm still recorded as having attended an introductory ride, as it was such a long time ago!


  • Hi,

    I am looking to race for the club and became a member on BC over the weekend but haven't had a confirmation email.

    I rode with the training ride at 7 on Saturday. I am also interested if I can pay a little extra and get the race jersey instead of the regular fit jersey. I've paid the membership already and wanted to check as would prefer not to have to buy an additional jersey!

    Thanks a lot,

  • I’m the same Ross, I signed up this week but no confirmation email and also looking for the race/pro jersey rather than the regular one.

  • Hi @RossFinlay @HenryL our membership manager is currently on holidays with limited internet, so may be a bit delayed processing everything.

    I believe you can get a pro jersey and pay the difference, but someone else in the know will have to confirm.

  • Hi Omer,

    Yes you will have to re-do the skills sessions or intro ride I'm afraid. These last for 6 months (in the same way that someone leaving the club would have to do the skills session/intro ride if their membership lapsed beyond 6 months).

    I have a spreadsheet of those who've attended all the sessions but people are removed after 6 months has lapsed and as they say... If you're not on the list ;).

    I'd normally have sent you an email explaining this by now but I'm on holiday in Cape Town at the moment and our internet seems to only work for about 5 mins at a time so have been trying to process membership stuff whilst I've been sat in a cafe with Wi-Fi! Fun and games!

  • Hi @RossFinlay and @HenryL, still on holiday in cape town (back on weds when normality can resume) but wanted to check to see if either of you have attended an intro ride or skills session - if so can you let me know the date so I can check this with my records. If you haven't attended one of these you can find details of the next ones in the clipping in section of the forum. So far I can't find you on my list so I'm sorry if I've missed you off. Normally I'd have sent this via email but as is explained in my post above - It's been a bit trickier than I'd envisaged!

  • @SallyB thanks - no worries at all. I am not sure if it counts as an intro ride but I rode with the faster group training ride last Saturday at Regents. I have previous racing experience and have been riding for many years. Would confirmation from the training/race group from Saturday attend to the requirement or do I have to go on an intro ride as well? I am quite keen to start getting races in the diary so would be great if that satisfies.

    Many thanks,

  • Hi Ross,

    We ask that everyone wanting to become a member attends one of the designated intro sessions. It's a way of ensuring that all of our riders are at the same level of understanding when it comes to safety on the roads. I appreciate that it's probably just a tick boxing exercise for you, but we have a process that needs to be followed. I think there's a skills session at Regents Park on Thursday (14th) if I'm not mistaken? I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong! We can get you processed straight away after the session.


  • Yes, the next session is on the 14th of March

  • I am quite keen to start getting races in the diary so would be great if that satisfies.

    Yaaay! More racers!

  • Thanks @SallyB. I attended one of these previously but it’s definitely been more than 6 months. I’ll be joining the session on the 23rd March.

  • Hi @SallyB,

    I’ve just rejoined the club after my membership expired a few weeks ago. I don’t have renewed access to the forum yet - do you know who to speak to about regaining access?



  • Hi Benjamin,

    Can you check it again now? If it's still not working, can you drop me an email ([email protected]) so I've got your email address and can re-run your permissions.



  • Cheers @SallyB - all working now.


  • Same question as above, don't think it has been answered. Who should we contact if we want a pro jersey rather than the club jersey?

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Becoming a member

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