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  • Hi,

    I came to the introductory ride in January 2018 but have only just got round to signing up as I've been riding with another club. I've been on a couple of rides with Islington since then, but I just want to make sure I'm still recorded as having attended an introductory ride, as it was such a long time ago!


  • Hi Omer,

    Yes you will have to re-do the skills sessions or intro ride I'm afraid. These last for 6 months (in the same way that someone leaving the club would have to do the skills session/intro ride if their membership lapsed beyond 6 months).

    I have a spreadsheet of those who've attended all the sessions but people are removed after 6 months has lapsed and as they say... If you're not on the list ;).

    I'd normally have sent you an email explaining this by now but I'm on holiday in Cape Town at the moment and our internet seems to only work for about 5 mins at a time so have been trying to process membership stuff whilst I've been sat in a cafe with Wi-Fi! Fun and games!


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