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  • Thanks Ebrahim

  • I am keen on joining for a trial ride on Sunday - assume I should just turn up on time? Looking forward to it.

  • Hi @SimonR

    Welcome, I suggest that you get to the meeting point a few minutes earlier and introduce yourself to the ride leader.

    I also suggest you read the information here.


  • How do I find out who the ride leader is? Is it obvious?

    Have already read the group riding guide.

  • It might not be obvious, but we are a friendly bunch and anyone in an ICC jersey should be able to introduce you to the group. As there are normally at least 3 different rides on offer the ride leaders will gather everyone around and give a short description of who is leading what ride before they set off too.

  • Hi guys!

    I'd like to start riding with Islington CC and am keen for a trial ride on Sunday. I usually do my weekend rides at around 16-17mph pace. Which group is best to join? I saw the B ride group are planning on doing a longer ride to/from Cambridge which may be a bit far...! Any other rides around 70-100km distance this weekend?!


  • Hi
    Can you tell me the next introductory ride is going to be?

  • Hello IslingtonCC members! I'm moving down to London from Aberdeen next week, and from the looks of your website and Strava pages I think I'll be joining you on a ride in the very near future. I'm a pretty keen cyclist, hill climbing being my thing, and am looking for people to do some short sharp training sessions with, and some rides to show me the decent cycle routes around London. Plus hill climbs obviously. ( is me.) Potentially getting into some racing next season too. Anyway, potentially a first ride a week Saturday - see you in Regents Park at 0700!

  • Sorry that I didn't make it today - had a very strange issue on the way to meet you all... Chain fell between my chain rings and got stuck. Spent the best part of 30 minutes trying to fix it (in the end I had to use brute force to pull it out).

    Anyone experienced this before? Any idea how I can stop it happening again? Just adjust the front derailleur?

  • That is really unlucky. It sounds like adjusting the front derailleur is the way forward.

  • Hi, I'm new here. Hope not hijacking this thread.

    I don't have a proper road bike, mines like an old school reynolds steel raleigh comp bike. Will it be ok to use until I can afford something better? It's a bit hefty but rides well :0

  • Any bike is good, as long as you can keep up! Maybe start with the C group while you wait for your swifter steed to arrive.

  • It is all about the legs JB.

  • Hi, sent your membership mailbox a message via the website but didn't get a response. I'm interested in joining up... I have a good fitness level but little/no group cycling experience. Would like to join one of the intro to group cycling sessions... how should i proceed??

  • Hey @user49788

    Sorry for no response, maybe the email got lost in the spam @Shannonball ?

    It is nice you are interested in joining the club. The intro rides teaches you the basics of group riding so if you can join an intro ride that would be ideal. There is one next weekend, which is full at the moment but often there are people giving up there spot at the last moment so keep an eye on the intro forum thread. Otherwise the next one will be middle December.
    Alternatively you can join a regular C-ride on Sunday morning (8:30). In this case, come a bit earlier, and ask the leader of that day to give you a quick intro in group riding.

    The policy is you can first try up to 3 rides of the club before joining officially.

    Hope this answers your questions and I hope to see you soon.

  • Hi, just joined the club and paid my ¬£40. Can I take the British Cycling email receipt to Mosquito to get my shirt, or do I wait for confirmation that the club actually wants me as a member? Sorry if this is a dumb question, cheers Richard

  • Hey Richard ( @user37385 ), if you are paid up, you are a member! Its as simple as that. Welcome to the club.

    Mosquito will have a stock of jerseys so you should be able to pop in and pick one up. I think they get a list of new members, but taking your email receipt along can't hurt. @paul.b organises the club kit so he can probably confirm for us if that is correct.

    p.s. In the event we have run out of your size don't fear - there is a new batch due for delivery in the next couple of weeks.

  • Thanks Aidan, I'll swing over to Mosquito and grab a shirt. Look forward to Saturday's ride..

  • @user37385

    I have sent you an e-mail detailing how to get it.

    Mosquito will have your details. I would contact them in advance though....

  • Hi there, I'm thinking about joining a local cycling club and Islington sounds great. Are there rides tomorrow morning - Saturday in Regents Park? If so, is it possible for me to turn up and ride?

  • Hey @GarethT Yes tomorrow morning is RP loops. We gather in front of the zoo entrance and start riding at 8:00. On Sunday we gather in Wittington park at 8:30, and have multiple groups going into essex hertfordshire etc.

    For both you can just show up. Mention you are new to one of the club members and he/she will show you the signs we use.

  • Hey Martine, thanks for all the information - I'll hope to be at Regents Park in the morning. Cheers.

  • Thanks for the ride on Saturday at 8am, I really enjoyed it so I joined as a full member. Looking forward to joining in again next week.

  • Good to hear you enjoyed it and welcome

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Becoming a member

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