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  • Hi,

    I'm going to join ICC this week but I have a quick question about your jersey size - do they come up notably small or large?



  • Paging @paul.b....

    He is the kit man... I cant even remember what size mine is but it snug, I blame Cristmas and cake. I think I have a 5...

    Just so you know you can probably try on a few jerseys at Mosquito so dont worry too much about it when you fill in your application.

    Oh and welcome BTW @PeteC

  • Ok great. Good to know I can try on first.

    Thanks for the welcome.

  • Hi I can't seem to post on in the Group rides forum, who do I contact?

  • That will be me....

    I have sent you a message.

  • there's a broad range of sizes +PeteC , from 1 through to 7 - you'll be able to find your size in the shop. I'd say the sizings are fairly standard - they're not a race fit - narrowish across the shoulder, generousish around the waist and not overly long... try one on in the shop.

  • Hey,
    I realise there's 101 messages on here about joining up, which is on the agenda asap- but just to check - are you running wednesday eve velopark sessions, and are you still running saturday club rides as well as sundays?
    Any idea when the next intro to club cycling session is going to happen?



  • +Ceci

    • There will be another intro ride session. Probably the second/third weekend in February. Look out for the event which will be posted.
    • Wednesday evening Velopark sessions are not official.... I think ICC members turn up on a ad-hoc basis and just pay to ride. There is a forum thread for that session if you need more info.
    • Yes, there are Saturday club rides. Training rides in Regents Park, and a club ride which heads out on the same route every week into Essex. Both have different meeting points - look for the relevant threads on the forum.


  • Thanks so much Laura!
    The 8th Feb would be fab for the intro session, if that was possible!
    Ill join up and hopefully get out on a ride very soon!

  • I think the Intro Ride might be on the 15th +Ceci, but watch this space!

  • Thinking about coming along as a guest but if I like it and join is it essential to get the club jersey when joining and then wear it?

    I have recently managed to find a few bits of kit that work really well for me and I'd rather keep to them


  • Hi there, Its great to hear your thinking of joining us. You'd be very welcome on our rides, just say hello when you arrive and someone will introduce you.

    Club kit its not essential, in fact during winter when most people are wearing winter jackets the number of people without club kit will outnumber the people with it. You certainly won't be the only person sticking to their favorite bits of kit. However there are lots of reasons we like people to wear our kit and it is actively encouraged. It helps a lot with organising groups and keeping everyone safe. At the end of the day its up to you.

  • I've just been given permission for the intro ride!! Yay! I'll be there! :)

  • Ciao! I like to ride my bicycle a lot in the Europe but will take a break (I have a Kit Kat, ahaha!) in July I think to enjoy the climate of England and the famous Heartfordshire. Is it OK for me to join club maybe then? I should have multi free time so can do the big rides with you!

  • welcome @Nibbles! We are actually putting on a special ride of all our new members who are joining up today. So far its me, you and @jeremy_clarkson

  • haha, very good

  • Hello! I joined the intro ride last Saturday and I would like to join the club. Can I just go ahead and follow the link to British Cycling to pay my dues? Thanks. Francois

  • Yes, that's the easiest way to do it. follow the link from our website to British Cycling, click on the relevant Buy Membership button, and fill in the relevant forms.

    See you on the road soon

  • Hello fellow cyclists,

    I just joined the club after some really nice group rides over the last couple of weeks.
    It is really great to have found a club that is so friendly and open to new people.

    Looking forward to more great rides,

  • Welcome @Fabian

  • Hello, I am interested in becoming a member but would like to come along for a few trial rides first. I see from the thread that this Saturday's ride is full but where do I sign up for the next intro ride and do I have to come along to an intro ride before becoming a member or can I simply join some of the normal weekend/evening rides? Thanks, Laura

  • Dear Laura @user57027 , the next into ride will beginning of September and will be announced next week. You are welcome to join any rides (weekend/weekday) of our club before, just ask for a quick update from current members on signs etc.

    We give 3 trial rides before asking to be member. What is your experience (distance speed group riding).

  • Hi Martine, thanks for your reply. I was used to riding in Scotland and comfortably riding 50-60 miles 14-16mph pace. However, I moved down to London 6 months ago and only made it out around Regent's Park for the first time last week as I've admittedly been terrified of the London roads. Anyway, safe to say I noticed I had not ridden in 6 months so a Group C ride might be a good starter for ten down here! I'll have a look at your timetable and try and join one next week as well as get on the September intro. I look forward to getting back out! Thanks and speak soon, Laura

  • great. See you soon.

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Becoming a member

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