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  • Our forum admin was out of town earlier this week. He has ypur email address (the one from british cycling) and will be sorting permissions out asap, when he gets a minute. Thanks for your understanding.

  • EDIT - Just seen Orestis' reply! Ignore the below.

    Hi guys, i'm the same as @GarethB. Joined a last week and received the welcome email from @Orestis.

    However I still can't access the clubhouse section of the forum or post in any of the main threads. I tried logging out, clearing my cache, then logging back in but it remains the same.

    I'm logged in with the email Orestis used for my welcome email as per the instructions.

    Any help gratefully received!

  • @SamR @GarethB You should now have access. Please let me know if not.

  • Looks good, thanks very much

  • Think it's time to renew my ICC membership. £25 a year is a bargain.

  • Not convinced it is worth £200 a year

    Is that club still going on? what do you get for that - just free coffee?

  • Yep, it's going very strong. Think they have over 2,000 members worldwide and its growing fast. the London chapter is very well run.

  • They had a couple of groups going out of Whetstone last sunday as we passed - all sat in a cafe on the right. If we'd slowed down till they'd left, we'd have ridden with one David Millar apparently...

  • RCC has for its members. Still, I'm not convinced £200/year is good value either.

  • Yep, I know about the forum.

  • I need another years membership after letting my previous membership lapse. Anything I need to do other than pay for the basic year option on the BC site?

  • is it not allowing you to use the renewal option for £25? Just pay us, and I will update our BC database, and (importantly) issue you with a NEW membership card!

  • THRILLING! Doing so now.

    edit: done.

  • Hi,

    I've been meaning to join ICC for months and keep missing the introduction sessions.

    I've experience of riding in small groups (with friends out to Surrey etc, Dunwich Dynamo and regular sessions around Regent's Park).

    Will I need to attend an introduction session or can I tag along on one of the Sunday rides/RP sessions?



  • Hey Billy,

    You'd be most welcome to join one of our other regular rides as our guest. I would strongly recommend the Saturday morning 8am Regents Park laps, or our Sunday rides from Whittington Park.

    You would still be expected to join our Intro or Skills rides however, as every club does things a little different, and in the interest of safety, we need to make sure we are all on the same page on the signals, calls etc and general way that ICC rides.


  • Hi,

    I'm new to ICC - is there a ride tomorrow morning I can join you guys on?

    I've done plenty of group rides so am house-trained!

    Regents Park maybe a little flat for me...

    Happy Friday,


  • Hello, just introducing myself and saying ciao to everyone.
    I have just "officially" joined the club. See you tomorrow morning!

  • Hi Paul,

    I'm just reading this message of yours now. Have you managed to come along on a ride with the club?


  • just renewed my membership. Cant believe its been a year already

  • Hello, I'd like to come along to one of the monthly introductory rides but can't seem to find out when and where they start. Can anyone help me with this please? I ride regularly but usually out on my own so group etiquette is pretty new concept and just a little bit daunting! Thanks.

  • Hi Heather,

    If you go back into the main section of this forum, 'Clipping In', you will see events with the title 'An Introduction to Club Cycling' with the DATE. The next session, on 10 October, is currently full, but keep an eye out on the thread in case someone drops out. There is one each month.

    As an alternative, you could come along to a Sunday morning C ride. These are very friendly and not vastly different from the Introduction Rides.

    Group riding is not as daunting as you think ;-) We also run group-riding skills sessions - sadly you just missed one, which took place yesterday at Regent's Park.


  • Edit: @Deena got there before me!

  • Hi @Deena, thanks, somehow I missed that! I'll keep an eye on the 'Introduction...' page now and look into the Sunday C ride. If all's well I'll come along on Sunday then :)

  • Easily done! I won't be there on Sunday because I'm cycling in a 2-up time trial with a few other people from the club, but there will be plenty of people there anyway. I believe that the C ride is being led by Jim and another.

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Becoming a member

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