Looking for a smart turbo...?

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  • Hello all - I was due to join ICC just before the shut-down happened so sadly have to wait to join rides.

    Like 10,000 other people I’m currently looking for a turbo and stock is sold out everywhere. Just wanted to ask if anyone has an old turbo they no longer use and would like to sell? Ideally I’d like a direct drive smart turbo that is Zwift comparable, but realise beggars can’t be choosers!!

    Thanks and take care


  • Hello Em. I’ve got 2 x Bkool Pros in the house somewhere (these are wheel-on though but much easier to set up than a direct drive). I used to use the bkool pro all the time and then upgraded to a direct drive Kickr. The Pros are great though. I bought the second one for a second home but it’s still in bubble wrap. I need to dig out all the bits for them such as the ANT+ adapters and skewers. I may still hang on to one of them as the ladies in the house are now saying they want to start spinning as they can’t go to the gym but they’ve got 10 speed bikes (mine are 11) which is a pain to change to cartridge on a direct drive turbo. Wheel-on couldn’t be simpler. Bkool also has gym type classes to improve climbing / endurance etc etc if you subscribe. Or just use Zwift or Sufferfest. I’ve posted the Bkool on here previously about 2 years ago and no one was interested!

    This is an old review (and software has improved dramatically since) but you get the idea - https://turbobiketrainer.com/bkool-pro-t­urbo-trainer-in-depth-review/

    If you’ve got a small place it splits into pieces so you can put it away. It’s pretty low profile anyway (unlike most smart trainers)

    Previous ad

  • If you still have I am definitely interested as mine has no eta for delivery!

  • Thanks for your reply, @SeanW. Have dropped you a private message on the details.

    @FionaGarland I hope you are able to get your hands (feet!?) on a turbo soon - the demand is unreal...

  • Thanks, me too, Rutland Cycles came back this morning, still no eta on the one I ordered 😥

  • @SeanW Still available? I have a friend who's high risk and thus stuck more indoors than the rest of us.

    (or anyone else? dumb turbos considered...)

  • I've still been on a loft quest yet unfortunately due to pressure of work. I shall though shortly.

  • @GrahamP I have managed to pick up a direct drive online so over to you! Hope your friend is doing ok.

  • Planet X seem to have quite a few of these in stock


  • Beware of those. I don't think they are actually smart trainers, despite the name.

  • This review prices it at £350. All of the turbos on Planet X look way over RRP, never mind what they might have sold for pre-lockdown.

  • I found an Elite Suito via Probikekit - it was my second choice after the Wahoo Kickr (and much better price at £600 vs £1000!). Should be delivered tomorrow... fingers crossed.

  • I got an Elite Suito a few weeks ago. I was a bit stupid with the spacers to start with but once I actually followed the instructions it was very easy to set up and it works very well and I'm very happy with it.

  • I actually have one of these, it's very good, quiet and smooth running and 'was' the cheapest direct drive trainer you could buy. However I paid £300 at Decathlon for mine 2 years ago, the price has definitely been inflated, Planet X are profiteering.

    In order to make this trainer 'smart' it has to have a special 'Elite B+' attachment. You need to double check that it's in the box - some are sold together with the attachment, some are not to make it cheaper. I would double check with PlanetX, at the price theyre charging I would expect the attachment to be in there. If it isn't it's also sold separately.

    If you must have a trainer right now and don't mind paying Coronapremium, they are perfectly good smart trainers, I've had no issue hooking up to Zwift etc. Even at that price, in the current environment it's still one of the cheapest direct drive trainers.

    Any other Qs feel free to ask.

  • That’s great to hear, thanks! Looking forward to getting started on Zwift. Are there any ICC meet-ups happening? I can’t yet access the full forum as was just in the process of becoming a member when all this happened.

  • Hi Em, I'm currently in the process of figuring out how we can still get members on board whilst delaying their need to do the group skills/intro ride (you'd still need to do it, but would be within a time period after all of this is over). I'll drop you an email once I've ironed out all the details.

    In the mean time, pop ICC in your Zwift name and people will be able to find and add you (and you can find/add them on zwift in the same way).

  • Ah ok brilliant - thanks Sally!

  • How about a presentation that we go through and then a Q&A session. All using Zoom or similar. We can use the same threads as now for volunteers. We could stick to the 09:30 Saturday slot, so those of us doing the ICC laps on Zwift 08:00 - 09:00 can have a quick coffee then head on over to the virtual GRS, just like we do in real life.

  • Ood idea but it's not really the same as learning skills out on the road and practising them until we get them right (like change 1, chain gang, paceline etc). We will just mandate that new members do the sessions once they're back up and running. Practical learning always lands better than classroom learning and the intention is that all of our members have a good grasp of the basics and are confident in using them to keep all do our members safe. I don't think that would be the case from an online lesson.

    I've drawn up the wording, I just need to find a break in my day to start sending it out to those who've recently asked about/applied to join the club and also get it sent over to Zac to get on the website.

  • You’re right, it’s not the same, nor is the world right now.

  • Halfords have a sell on EBay for Elite Direto:

    I don't know if this is going to last long or not but they are new and the price is good (I think)

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Looking for a smart turbo...?

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