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  • Morning everyone. I've already met some of you out on the road. Thanks for the warm welcome. Everyone was nice enough that I decided to take the plunge and join. Looking forward to plenty of rides over the coming months!

    See you out on the road!


  • welcome

  • Nice to see you have signed up Richard, and look forward to seeing those climbing legs out soon.

  • Haha! If only I could find some bloody hills around here!

  • Hi everyone, I've just joined the club this week. Looking forward to riding with many of you in due course. I see the 'introduction to club cycling' ride tomorrow morning is full which is a bummer. Can I join the laps around Regent's Park on Saturday morning at 8am (social) instead?

  • Come along on Wednesday nights North London Hills, a tour of the hills of, well, North London. Invariably a pub stop at the end.

    @MickeyB - hope you made it out today, otherwise there are some great rides planned for tomorrow.

    Welcome both, see you out on the road.

  • Nice to meet some of you this morning, thanks to @christian for your guidance.
    Looking forward to a ride tomorrow!

  • Yes I did thanks @JonnyK - loops of Regent's Park on Saturday morning learning how to ride as part of a peloton. Thanks for taking the time to guide us @christian.

    I've signed up for September's introduction to club cycling.

  • Hi,

    Quick question, once you have become a member how do you get a club jersey?
    Can you try one on to know your size as you have to state a size when paying your membership fee..



  • @Jon76 once you have become a member @Orestis will send you an email with all the info about the club. This will also includes the location where to pick up your jersey. The size question at registration is just for indication, and you can try different sizes when you pick up the jersey. We are running low on certain sizes at the moment but the new stock should come in September.

  • Great, thanks for the reply Martine!

  • ....

  • Hi,

    Just like to introduce myself and say hello. I've just joined the club a week ago and look forward to seeing you out on the road soon.


  • Welcome @Tim84

  • Hi Everyone

    Good to meet you all. I signed up to ICC last week and am keen to get stuck in this weekend.

    Not ridden in a group before, so looking for advice on which ride is best to join first, as I need to get up to speed with signals etc...

    Would the Intro ride on the 12th (which I've signed up to) be best? or the RP 8am ride on Saturday? or the C group on Sunday for the club run?


  • Welcome +Francis_E

    Any of those are good places to start. Talk to members and they will be happy to help you out with grouping, signals and so on. It's not super hard.

  • Cheers I'll head down this Saturday.

    Do you guys meet at 8am outside ZSL?

  • Welcome @Francis_E yes, we meet in front of the entrance. I do also recommend doingthe intro ride as this is much more thorough than quick instructions on the 8am rides.

  • Thanks guys. I'm signed up to the intro ride on the 12th as well. See you Saturday.

  • Hello everyone,

    I have also just joined the club and have already met some of you on a sunday run I joined about a month ago.

    I am planning to join the club run tomorrow, do you always meet at Holloway road gate at 8.30 on sundays?

    Looking forward to riding with you.

  • welcome @sero I hope you will enjoy the rides with the club

    Yes Sunday is always 8:30 at wittingtonpark

  • Hi everyone,
    I've been riding for a while and have done some sessions with Sky Social Ride.
    I would like to move forward and join ICC.
    I tried to put my name down on the Intro Ride -on 4th June - but it was full.
    Going to miss July date too as busy at work.
    Can I join this Sunday-12th- Group C Ride at Whittington Park at 8.30 am?

  • Hello,

    Yes, certainly! If you turn up 10 or so minutes early and tell somebody in an ICC shirt they will be incredibly friendly and helpful and point you into a suitable ride.

    These days, there seems to be 2 or 3 C rides every Sunday so you are sure to find one that suits your needs.



  • Ok, will do.
    See you on Sunday then. Thanks Ed


  • @Massy also be sure to view the group riding video here­386/ and the ICC Group Riding Guide­ before riding with us.

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