Islington Cycling Club: how to join

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  • behind coach in living room

    can barely get a sofa in my living room, let alone a bus ;)

  • I meant my cycling coach. He gets to live with me for providing training advice.

  • Hi,

    I'm interested in joining the club, but I couldn't find out when the next Group skills or Introduction to club cycling sessions are. Please could someone let me know?

    (Apologies if I missed it elsewhere on the website)


  • Perfect. Thanks David.

  • Hello, I have applied for a membership renewal today (was member about a couple of years ago). I have just paid the renewal fee. Thought I'd mention here, as I tried this back in April but it was never processed and got a refund (transaction ref: 8475561). Just making sure I am not missing something on my end.

  • Hi Marchetto, it can take a week or so for the admin process to work though after payment. Presumably you have done a Group Skills session or the Introduction to Club Cycling ride recently, as it's a while since you were a member. It's a great time of year to join as there is a lot going on.

  • @Jimena

    @Marchetto as it's been a few years you'll need to re-complete a groupskills/intro ride to refresh your skills before membership renewal is accepted.

  • hey, i want to join the club but seems like there is no date of the next intro ride and wasnt really hopeing to wait another month to do so, is any other way where i can join the club? thanks

  • Hi. The only way to join the club is to do a Group Skills session or an Intro Ride. This is something everyone has to do, for various reasons including safety. It does get busy at certain times of the year I am afraid.

  • Hi @user156167, as Geoff notes this is the only path to joining.

    Unfortunately you just missed a session on Saturday. The next round should be posted shortly, I will @ you when that happens

  • Hi @RichardN1 I would also like to join the club. Would it be possible to @ me as well when the next Group Skills/ Intro Ride is, please?

  • @user156167 @mehb @RomainBcmt, the next Intro Ride will be on Saturday September 2. You can sign up here­comment17097061

  • Hi @DavidMason thanks for highlighting the next Intro Ride. Unfortunately I cannot make it, but have signed up for the Group Skills session on the 16th.

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Islington Cycling Club: how to join

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