Islington Cycling Club: how to join

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  • Great to see you’re keen to join us! We welcome new members from all cycling backgrounds and experience levels.

    You can find out more about the club on our website here.

    How to join the club
    We require all prospective members to attend an introductory skills session before joining ICC, regardless of their cycling experience. This is to make sure that club rides are safe and fun for everyone. It’s also a good way for you to come along and try out the club, as we’re unable to have non-members on our other club rides.

    These sessions are any one of:

    1. 'Group Skills' held in Regents Park usually fortnightly.
    2. 'Introduction to Club Cycling' from Highbury Fields usually on the first Saturday of every month.

    At these links you can find more information, dates and sign-up. If you can't find a session that suits, please keep an eye on the pages as people do drop out last minute and new dates are added regularly.

    Once you've attended one of these sessions you can sign up to the club straight away following the link on our website here. This will take you to our British Cycling profile page - select the tab "join our club". Please note, British Cycling membership is separate from Islington Cycling Membership.

    Once you have signed-up, you’ll hear from our membership secretary usually within a week to confirm your membership.

    You will have six-months to join after attending the skills session after which time we’d ask you to attend again.

    Membership fees
    Membership is £50 for new members. This covers a year of membership from the month you join and includes a free a club jersey (worth £47).

    When you renew your membership, the cost is £25 per year.

    We look forward to you joining us soon!

  • Hi there,

    I’d like to try a club run tomorrow.
    Would that be possible as a non member?

  • Provided you have done an Intro or Group Skills Ride you can join up to 3 club rides as a guest before you need to become a member.

  • Ok. I’ve done neither. Where do I sign up for one?

  • Links in the email above. Next Group Skills Ride is in 2 weeks.

  • Hello David,

    I have messed up a bit and already paid the membership via BC. I have booked myself into the ride on the 18 of March, but so far have not received any email back.

  • Hi Tiago,

    No worries at all. We are thrilled that you want to join us, many exciting times to come :)
    Re the BC status, it is still pending (meaning that we haven't collected any money either) until you attend the introductory session. You will receive an email from our side once you fulfill this requirement with more details about your membership status.

    Hope to see you soon!


  • Hi,
    I did the intro ride on the 4th of march. I joined the club through BC straight after but I haven’t heard back from you since paying the membership fee through Bc. Do you know when I might hear back? The reason I ask is because I’m keen to do one of the cycles this weekend.

  • Hi there,

    It usually takes a few days to process new members once they've done the intro ride, so it will be done soon. You should be fine to join a ride this weekend.


  • Hello,

    I joined after the club ride on Saturday but also haven’t heard back yet. Would be keen to join some rides this bank holiday.


  • HI Ben, See Alec's comments above.

  • .

  • Hi,
    Do you have dates to sign up for June’s intro rides? Thanks.

  • We usually post ride dates 4-6 weeks ahead so watch this space.

  • Hi

    We completed the intro ride 2 weeks ago but haven't heard anything since.
    Is it possible to get details of upcoming rides?


  • Hi @Cliff_X, did you sign up to join the club following the intro ride?
    This is not automatic after attendance to the intro ride.

    Sign up here

  • Hi @RichardN1

    No we haven't signed up yet.
    We were advised to join a couple of rides first before signing up fully.

    So we would just like to know a bit more about the next rides so we could come along to one.


  • I'm afraid you won't have access to The Forum until you join but if you have done an Intro or Group Skills ride you are welcome to join one of our rides. There will be a number going from Highbury Fields at 0830 tomorrow.

  • Ok thanks.

    I have now joined the club.

  • Hi
    I joined the club a week ago via British cycling but haven't heard anything since.
    When can I expect a response?

    I completed the group skills ride on 1st April.


  • @Cliff_X thanks for your patience. Our membership secretary processes applications once a week so you should receive an email shortly.

    The club is run entirely by volunteers, so we need to fit these activities around our day-to-day commitments. I hope you'll enjoy riding with us and be able to volunteer some time to support our activities.

  • @DavidMason - Thanks for your response and explanation. I fully understand the situation with volunteers running the club.

    I do hope to be an active member and will volunteer to help out as well.

  • Hi,

    Potential new member here.

    I am likely to be without space in my new home for my two bikes. One of them I am happy to lock up outside/in hangers, the other I am not. Does the club have a communal lock up/storage space in a garage or equivalent in the Islington area? I am hoping other members keep bikes that are in similar siutations without space for their bike(s) in their home.

    If not within the club are there other options that other members are aware of? I know of the bike hangers on the streets, and I am aware of the lock up in Finsbury Park, however I am not overjoyed about the exposure to the elements from humidity etc. as they're not fully 'sealed' from the weather, just from overhead rain.


  • Hi @Griffda, the club does not have any storage space unfortunately.

    Apart from outside council bike storage I guess another option would be to hang the bikes on walls in your home.­best-bike-storage-ideas

  • Not the easiest or ideal, but most people find creative ways to store in the house. By the bed, behind coach in living room, in hall way, on the wall, etc. I somehow managed to store 4 bikes in a one-bedder for many years, getting in/out was the biggest challenge.

    It's good because it sets a hard limit on how many bikes you can buy.

    If you're renting and can't drill into the walls, this is a good option, especially if only 2 bikes­helangelo-gravity-bike-storage-rack

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Islington Cycling Club: how to join

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