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  • hi morgan thanks for the info and sorry i couldnt make it on sunday are there any rides this weekend?
    many thanks

  • Yes +Matty01

    There are rides on Sat and Sun

    Have a look here:­117/

  • thanks shannon. couldnt make it for the morning run so i just did a training session round regents park :)

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  • Hi, just joined the club after sampling the hills ride today. Much fun and everyone was very friendly, so I look forward to meeting more of you in future. Cheers Arne

  • Welcome +avb!

  • Hi there was hoping to come along for a first ride this Sunday will there anybody be going out instead of the whitstable ride. Haven't done a lot of group riding before albeit have done a number of sportives in the past.

  • Hi user7193.

    You would be more than welcome to join us on our sunday rides, we suggest that you start with group C rides, I suggest you introduce yourself to the ride leader at the start and they will talk you through the ropes.

    There will be plenty out i am sure and the whitstable ride is on the saturday anyway.


  • Thanks Rob

  • Enjoyed the ride on Wednesday +avb . Next time we'll beat that Domino's scooter up the hill!
    See you next week I hope.

  • I would like to ensure +avb does not become a full-time member because he is too quick up the hills and it is simply unfair on the rest of us.

    On a side note - glad you enjoyed the ride mate and hope you can make it out on a Sunday. As long as you dress like this. I will except no alternatives

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  • @rhys alas I no longer can dress like that, but I do have a fluorescent pink jersey that has a cartoon panda version of Pantani on it...

  • Hi there

    I am thinking of joining a cc and the ICC appeals to me. Is it ok to turn up to a Sunday C group ride to see how the club works? I'm think Auguts 3rd - unfortunately i am not free before then.


  • Hello +user7299 - absolutely, come along to a Sunday club run and see how you find it. Just introduce yourself to the ride leader and take it from there. Hope to see you on a ride soon!

  • Hi Just joined the club. Off on Holiday next week back on the 13th August and cant wait to get on the bike and get stuck in!

  • Hi all,

    Thanks for a good ride on Sunday. Buying membership now but have a question about jersey sizing... Going by the bioracer sizing, I'd fit an 1/xs (I like my jerseys tight). This option isn't available on British Cycling so can I just put 2/s and pick up a different one?

  • +SamuelD - I think you can. Our kit man +paul.b will be able to advise further, but as far as I know best practise is to go to Mosquito Bicycles on Essex Road who hold our stock where you will be able to try a jersey on for size.

  • Quick question on that, I've just signed up with the jersey (who wouldn't) so do I just pop along (or phone to confirm they have stock) and say that I've already paid for it. Or do I need to show the email?

  • Hi @JamesE

    They are aware that you have signed up and that you will be in for a jersey. It might be worth calling ahead though to make sure that they have your size. Any problems let me know either message me on here or e-mail me [email protected]


    @SamuelD See above. You will be in the same position as James.

  • @The_Other_Rob great, thanks for the confirmation. I'll give them a call first, but looking forward to wearing the jersey out on a ride soon :)

  • hi - due to unexpected demand we currently only have men's size 3 and women's sizes 3-6 in stock. apologies for this, we are expecting a new order to come in at some point in August. there'll be a note here on the forum and in the newsletter announcing when they'll be available.
    note that the smallest size of men's is 2. if you want a size 1 we will have to put this in the next order.

  • I can't comment on mens sizes but it's worth noting the ladies sizes come up fairly small. It's always best to try the jersey's on if you can - you might think you need a size 1 on paper but a 2 or 3 might surprise you....

  • Thanks guys. I'll try a 2 on when it comes in.

  • Just joined. Selected size 2 jersey but right on the border according to the size guide so suspect it might be a touch tight based on the above - hopefully can try a 3 as well when I pop into Mosquito? Looking forward to being a member of your esteemed club, having come along to a couple of Saturday morning sessions and enjoyed the workout.

  • Great you joined @samtravels. Mosquito normally have different sizes to fit. The sizes are a bit odd, and I had to go up 2 sizes

  • Thanks a lot @Martine. I'll see what they are like when I go in. I was wondering actually (one for @The_Other_Rob perhaps?), it seems I still can't post in other forums - perhaps that's a setting you need to do manually and that just hasn't happened yet? No hurry at all if so (don't interrupt your bank holiday weekend for it!), just checking I'm not being stupid.

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Becoming a member

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