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  • Thanks Martine, I shall do.

  • Hi all,

    I am new to the club and actually am not a member yet. I've been looking for a club to join that's local to me with friendly members having done a decent amount of solo training over the last six months and most recently an 80 mile sportive a couple of weeks ago. Annoyingly, the dates for the 'introduction to the club' cycles never really seem to chime with my diary (or I'm too late!). I was wondering if I might be able to tag along to one of the Group C rides on a Sunday to get a feel for it? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


  • @mark_dearing Great you are looking into joining the club. You are welcome to join a C-ride before the intro ride, just be 10 minutes early and ask someone to give you a quick instruction about signs.

    However we do want everyone to do an intro ride so please sign up for the August/September one (as early as possible), as during this ride we have much more time to show good group riding skills.

  • Hi all,
    Prospective joiner here! Just wondering if you have a group ride going out this Saturday? Website seems to suggest you do but can't find mentions in the forums.
    I have some experience in group riding (but not much!) Really want to join a club but it's hard to find free weekend slots at this time of year!

  • Hello @GusC

    On Satuday morning the best bet is to join us for laps around Regents Park at 8am. We used to have a ride going from Whittington Park at 8:30 am going out to Epping Forest, but I'm not 100% people are still running these, check this one out http://forum.islington.cc/conversations/­260007/ though.


  • Thanks Orestis, the Sat club ride doesn't look to be on! May see you on Regents park but I think it would be wise for me to the intro session first...

  • Hi all,

    I'm a prospective member and was hoping to catch some of you on an introductory weekend ride (hopefully Sept. if the introductory ride is the weekend of 12-13th) or similar.

    I would probably be capable of a modest pace, C or maybe B, and could get up to Whittington Park on a nice Tuesday/Wednesday (like today), but not by 6:30, more like 7 - with a prompt departure from work. If it's not too much of a rush, and a modest sort of ride wants another member, I could try to zoom North rather than out to Dynamo Country.


  • this ride Thanks Martine, will definitely sign up for the September one (have just freed up a spot for someone in August!) If there is a C-ride going out this Sunday I'd definitely be keen to join. What time do they leave Whittington Park and do I need to be in touch in advance?

  • @mark_dearing Yes there is a C-ride this Sunday. These rides run the whole year, with a different route every week. Sometimes the route is post in advance on the forum, but this is not always the case. We leave (moving) at 8:30 Wittington Park, so be there 10 minutes before. No need to announce in advance.

    @tlb I am not sure if you ask if you ask people to wait or want a different group? We leave at the pre-announced time (so 18:30 midweek and 8:00 Saturaday, 8:30 Sunday).

    You are free to join. (But still join the intro ride for good group riding practice)

  • @Martine, Ta for the reply. I had noticed, in another thread, @lindsam ask about groups for today's ride and was wondering whether that might mean there'd be a ride (more) suitable for non-club riders.

    I also wondered about how promptly people might depart. If there happened to be groups forming later than 18:30 I might be able to catch one. Wouldn't want anyone to wait for me - not even sure how long it'd take me to get to Whittington Park.

    Will definitely aim for an introductory ride when I can make it.

  • @tlb Putative new members can just mingle with club-riders. We separate in groups based on speed depending on who shows up, so you and @lindsam should be fine. The start time is fixed and especially if your new I would suggest coming earlier to get some instruction about group signalling. Can you make it for a Saturday or Sunday ride as a start?

  • @Martine I can make it for some Saturdays and Sundays, but not until the last weekend in Aug. It'd be nice to join you (ICC) for a weekend ride, but might catch you before then.

    Maybe pop out towards Tufnell park/Highgate today if I get away quick - see how long it takes.

  • Thanks Martine, will be there on Sunday. Looking forward to it.

  • Hi there, have done some basic group riding before and looking to up my game and join a club. Ok to join you on Saturday (8am)? I will attend one of the introduction days as well when they are available.

  • you are welcome to join on Saturday @nicknumbernine We meet in front of the zoo entrance. Come a bit earlier to introduce yourself and ask a quick intro about signs.

  • Great, looking forward to it - see you then

  • Hello everybody,

    I'm Antoine, I've been looking for a cycling club for quite some time, and I found this one which I'm really motivated to join! Would it be possible to join one of the Tuesday evening rides?


  • @antoine Yes that is possible. Do you have any group riding experience? What speed distance do you normally do? We encourage everone to do an intro ride (organized once a month) for good group riding skills but you can join a ride before.

  • Hi Martine, thanks for your answer. I do have a small experience in group riding. I used to ride about 40 miles at an average of around 17-18 mph, but that was a few years ago, I'm not as fit anymore :). So if that's ok I'll join one of the groups tomorrow.

  • @Antoine The Tuesday ride is 40 miles, and most of the time we have a faster and slower group. I can't judge what you have done in the previous years, but if you are comfortable with this distance you can join. @Sir_Shannonball best to ask about the Tuesday ride.


    We do like to see all new members to do an intro ride to refresh/learn group riding skills

  • I am fine with the distance, I'd like to join the slower group.

  • hi I'm looking to join a cycle club I'm 40 and overweight although my fitness isn't too bad as I cycle everywhere for transport .Just wondering where to start I'm a bit nervous about cycling in a group I've read your ride schedules I'm a little confused though.What's the best way to get started

  • Great you want to join the club and pick up cycling on a more regular basis @user56836 !

    The best thing to do is join the intro ride
    It is full at the moment but often people drop out in the last days preceding the event so keep an eye on the forum. If that is not possible, take the next intro ride (beginning September will be announced after this one is finished).

    The first things is to increase your max distance on bike and fitness. How long is your normal commute? C-rides on Sunday are around 40-60 miles. Alternatively and/or if this distance is still a step too far, you can join the 8 am Regents Park session on Saturday morning, where you can stop whenever you are exhausted.

    Group riding is something you have to learn but everyone will learn it quickly. It is about giving trust to your fellow riders by being predictable (signing potholes turns etc, no unexpected moves) and trusting your fellow riders (being close to the rider in front of you to save energy).

    If you have other questions, just post them here (a lot of questions are also answered above)

  • user56836 did a "gentle" lumpy 64K with C group on Sunday ( see C ride thread on forum for gps route) cold and wet. there are a few hills, but go at pace of slowest.
    I'm 105Kg so don't worry about keeping me company on the climbs ;)
    Taking it easy just commuting this week pre RideLondon, but contact me in a couple of weeks, I'm sometimes free in daytime, if you want a social ride.

  • @user56836 If you came out with that weather with Steve, I am sure you will be fine in our rides! Welcome.

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Our club rides

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