An Introduction to Club Cycling - 14 February 2015

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  • @user48312 @stealfwayne I can no longer make this, so there's now a free space!

  • Count me in then please. I'll be there. How do I get my name on the list.. Does it happen auto.. or do I need to do something.

  • I have pressed the button so am in.. apologies for stupidity ( excited non reading of instructions)

  • @stealfwayne Great! @Martine see you in March instead hopefully.

  • I'm keen to join this so if anyone feels like they can't make it I'll happily take your place! Been watching this all week but with no joy. Really want to try this but am too scared to join at any other time!

  • Hi +michelleh

    Don't be scared to join in! Take it from someone who also had the same fears when I was new to road cycling. The intro ride is a great way in, but also joining for the C ride on a Sunday is also a nice soft landing for those with decent enough fitness. Just flag up that you are new if you decide to join us on Sunday, and people will fill you in on what you need to know. ICC are a friendly bunch and we don't drop any of our riders on club rides.

    I appreciate it is really intimidating showing up to a club ride if you're new but ICC are probably one of the nicest clubs to do it with ;)

  • Hello! I'm not sure where and what time we are meeting tomorrow. Please can somebody let me know. (I'm on the list) thanks clare

  • I'm really sorry. I have to work overtime tomorrow, so...see you next month :-(
    Have fun tomorrow.

  • Thanks @Laura! I've just taken @DanR 's place so will be there tomorrow now :) I picked this club specifically as I kept reading how friendly you all are! Still daunting though.

  • Hi @Martine, I wondered when we might know where to meet tomorrow? I haven't had anything through in my messages.
    Thank you! Amy

  • nervy - I'm off out, hopefully If I get back early enough I can check, otherwise I'll have to do first thing. I'm in Finchley, so I'll have to find the meeting point on the map then on the ground. Better get up 15 minutes early.

  • Any news on where the meeting place is?? Not got a private message yet...

  • Hi I haven't had one either, let me know! :)

  • I don't know why the personal message went wrong, but I am paging @RichardM @Ali @The_Other_Rob, who are organizing this event.

  • HI Martine, hope you get the techy stuff fixed. I just got back so hopefully you'll get it done tonight. Though is hammering it out there. I Don't have guards - please don't hold it against me.
    Off to bed now so will try at 6:45am.......ish

  • Morning everyone @Martine @The_Other_Rob- any idea on meeting location? i still didn't get a message!
    Hopefully see you soon

  • No PM for me either.

    -- Josh

  • Good morning Ceci. Still no message here either. I suppose if I don't get one in the next hour or so I will log-in to the forum with my phone and then go to the Holloway Road side of Whittington Park.

  • I may not make it on time if we haven't been told by 8. Im coming from Golders, got my fingers crossed!

  • Hmm how strange! Ok perfect ill do the same- will aim to get there around 8:30.not sure exactly where the normal meeting point is but will wear ICC jersey and hopefully find everyone else!

  • Thanks @Ceci, I'll be there.

  • @ceci the normal meeting point is just inside the park by Holloway Road. You can see a cyclist there on Google Street View.

  • Morning everyone, no message here either. Thanks @Barney though, I'll be at the park by 8:30

  • Good plan, I'll do the same.

    -- Josh

  • i'll see you there.

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An Introduction to Club Cycling - 14 February 2015

Posted by Avatar for The_Other_Rob @The_Other_Rob