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  • New here, just wanted to say hi and hopefully I can join you all for a few rides soon.

    Am a keen cyclist and cycle everyday, but don't do too many long rides at the moment.
    Is it best to start with a Saturday morning ride at regents park, before heading on one of the club rides on Sundays?

  • Hello +SteveD - I would say that you should try both!

    8am Saturday rides are great to meet the group, build some endurance fitness and learn about group riding.

    Sundays are more sociable, but again its all about endurance. Even a 35 mile ride can catch some people out - but that's why we have a 'C' ride which goes at a slower pace and does slightly less miles.

    Alternatively you can attend our 'Introduction to Club Cycling' session on March 22nd which does a mini club run and gives people a feel for the pace, terrain and distances we cover.

    Make sure you read our FAQs and Guide to Group Riding both here on the forum. We hope to see you soon!

  • Hi +Laura,
    Thanks for info. I would like to do both rides if possible.
    Would be good to meet the group first on Saturday and get an idea of the pace people are expected to ride etc.
    Whats the difference in distance and speed between A,B,C on Sundays?
    Also on Saturday do you meet at the Zoo front entrance on the road?

  • Saturdays - yes, the Zoo entrance by the road. Come along for the 8am session.

    Sundays -
    C 35-45 miles average pace 12-14mph
    B - 55-65 miles average pace 13-15mph
    A - 65 miles + average pace 15-18mph

    Given that you are not used to long distances, it is best to estimate your ability conservatively on your first ride. Chat to the guys on Saturday, and see what they recommend. Also, ride routes should be posted in the corresponding forum threads in our 'In The Saddle' section.

  • Hi +SteveD, welcome along. The speed of all the rides will depend on who is there, the weather etc - none of the rides ever leave anyone behind. I'd guess it was something like this:
    A - 17mph average ( 20 mph on the flat)
    B - 15mph average ( 17 mph on the flat)
    C - 12 mph average or less

    You can see the routes and discussion of each ride in the "In the Saddle" section of the forum. Perhaps someone can confirm if my estimates of the speeds are OK.

  • ha, I spent so long deciding what the average speeds were @Laura beat me to it.

  • Good call putting the flat speeds in though +aidan. I would say the C ride is about 16 mph on the flat.

  • Please note that the more frequent 8am people will not be out this weekend. I think it's just Stephen that will be there.

  • There were 12 last week, so I am sure there will be a decent showing

  • thanks all, sounds great.
    I should hopefully make it down on Saturday morning for the ride, then I can work out the best plan for Sunday, but maybe start on the C and work up from there.
    Even if there is only 12 of us, still more fun than a solo ride.

  • @ SteveD Looking forward to meeting you on Saturday!
    I am a newer member and the first ride I did was the C ride, though my legs were a little tired the next day, the ride was awesome and I joined right after! I did my first Saturday ride last week and it was more fun than a solo ride!

  • Hi, I'm also new here and plan to come out Saturday morning to get to know the group. I'm eager to get back into cycling - I have not done any long rides in ages

  • Hi @ScottS can I point you in the direction of the next Introduction to Group riding on the 22nd March. It might perhaps be would be a good way for you to get back into longer distances.

  • But in the meantime, welcome and enjoy Saturday with the group. I will be on another ride with the ladies of ICC but hope to ride with you soon.

  • I am also going to join ICC, would it be ok to tag along tomorrows 8am session as well and get to know some faces?

  • Of course! Come on down.

  • You're more than welcome to Antony.

    I shall be there for 8am too so I'll see you there

  • Ok great see you tomorrw.

  • Hi all, just wanted to say really good to meet everyone on the saturday training ride around regents park, and also this morning on the C ride.
    Bit unfortunate that I had a mechanical with the spoke snapping out at Elstree, but hopefully if the new one arrives this week I should be joining you all again next weekend and joining up.

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Hi all

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