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  • Cheers Alex, all I needed to know.


  • Hello - I haven't ridden with ICC before and will look to join a couple of rides before joining. I wanted to check what distance is covered on the evening and weekend rides?

    Thanks in advance

  • +user63652 there's such a lot going on in ICC that it is difficult to give a short answer. Rides are advertised usually a few days in advance on the forum here http://forum.islington.cc/microcosms/114­/

    Generally new riders are encouraged to join one of the Sunday club runs where there are rides starting from 30 to 40 miles. The club has a strong emphasis on group riding and it is essential new riders understand group riding techniques.

    A helpful overview on group riding can be found on the GCN website https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPXijIKg­FVM&feature=youtu.be

  • Hi all I just did the intro ride last week so want to join a C ride club run, but looking at messages elsewhere on the Forum I see there's no spaces left tomorrow. Is that right? Sorry if misunderstood but do I need to book a space on a ride?

  • Some riders will organize a ride and want the group to be a reasonably compact size - typically this will mean a limit of 8-12 riders. In these cases, there may be some prearrangement of places.

    More generally, there will also be route/ride suggestions on the day and/or slightly more flexible group sizes (12 is still a sensible upper limit). If a choice is popular, the riders may split into several groups for the same route. Many (most?) riders will simply reach Whittington park a little before 8:30 and tag onto a ride (or organize something).

    Occasionally, there will be a few too many takers for certain rides, and one or more stronger riders might need to opt for joining a more gentle ride. If there is a shortage of 'C' rides, recommended for riders newer to group riding, some juggling/swelling of groups will usually take place.

    Turn up to the park, with a few minutes to spare, and there should be a ride that you can join.

  • Hi guys,
    looking to join a ride as a guest for my first ride but its not clear where the details of the upcoming rides so I can see what to sign up?

  • Hi. When were you looking to come along?

    We generally run rides as per http://www.islington.cc :

    • Tuesday Radlett
    • Wednesday Hills
    • Thursday Fixie Loop/ Olympic Park
    • Saturday RP Laps
    • Sunday Club Runs
  • But I read somewhere (cant remember where now on here) that theres a list of upcoming rides, all I can see is that there are rides, no details of which ones when, I think i also saw that there are club runs sometimes on the saturday too as well as the Sunday? (I can only de weekends)

  • @user65545 Sunday club C rides are listed here http://forum.islington.cc/conversations/­619/?offset=1300

    Sunday b rides http://forum.islington.cc/conversations/­617/?offset=1975

    A rides http://forum.islington.cc/conversations/­615/?offset=975

    Rides leave at 8.30am. Make sure you are at Whittington Park by 8.20 to listen to the announcements from ride leaders. Just turn up and say hello.

  • I think that there may have been a change to the visibility of the forum for non-members. The threads in which ride proposals are posted might not be visible.

    However, until one has some idea about the ICC rides and routes, being able to see a few specific suggestions shouldn't be terribly important.

    There should be a good social group of ICC riders for the Saturday Morning 8am Regent's Park laps.

    There should be a selection of ride options at Whittington Park on Sunday Morning 08:30. It is often the case that there will be some juggling and arrangement of rides to suit the riders at the park.

  • Im not so interested in the laps of the park, more interested in the getting out of the city for a nice ride, hence wanted to see whats upcoming so I could see whats suitable as my first trial ride :)

    Thanks for the links but I dont have access :( what do I need to do to get permission?

  • The best thing to do is probably just turn up at 8:30 on Sunday and see what is on offer. Details of rides aren't always posted up on the forum in advance.

    Just show up a little early, introduce yourself as new and someone will show you the path.

  • what do I need to do to get permission?

    Join the club :)

    In the meantime, as @LinusR says, just rock up at 8.20am and introduce yourself, you will quickly be pointed in the direction of a suitable ride. Do make sure you read the group riding guide first though - lots of important safety stuff in that.

    There is also a more formal Introduction Ride which happens monthly, with limited spaces. Here is the link to that thread, which you will be able to see


  • @user65545 @eds I think there is a problem with the forum not showing the club rides section - a group, b group, and c group. Can @Sir_Shannonball or someone fix this?

  • @eds you shouldn't need to join the club to see the postings for Sunday club rides. You only need to join the club to post to the forum IIRC. Has this changed? Potential members should be able to see what rides are being advertised and then come along on a Sunday to try out the club.

    Anyone is welcome to come along and join in as a guest for one or two of our club rides. Then you'll be asked to join, of course.http://forum.islington.cc/comments/410/

  • This has indeed changed - within the last week or two. The only forum visible to outsiders is "Clipping in" whereas before third parties could see/contribute to all forums excluding "The Clubhouse".

  • There is a change. Clipping in is our public-facing section. The rest is for members. It was always our intention to set it up this way, but the IT can be challenging at times. This makes it more awesome to be a member.

  • @eds @Sir_Shannonball thanks for the explanation. I've obviously not been paying attention.

  • Can anyone give rough average speeds for both groups on Saturday RP laps?

  • 38kph+ for 7am is a good bet

    8am has loads of groups ranging from high 20s to mid 30s.

  • Thank you!

  • Hi I am a club member but despite logging im can only see this section. Could someone advise on how to access 'in the saddle'?

  • Hi Joe.
    @Sir_Shannonball controls your access. I'm sure it won't be long til you're authorised.

  • @Sir_Shannonball Could I get access to In the Saddle please - think my membership renewal has gone through. Cheers

  • @Sir_Shannonball please could you give me access to in the saddle it's not ideal not being able to see where people are going / propose routes.

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Our club rides

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