• Hi Sally, thanks for your reply! I don't really see where this "click" button is. Is it missing because it's already fully booked?
    It would be quite frustrating if I have to wait for another month if I've already paid the fee to join the club, but I see you have your policy in place...
    If I have to do group skills sessions, isn't this more suitable for beginners? There is no space for the 28th of April either.

  • Hi, I appreciate your issue but this is club policy and sometimes people do end up having to wait a little while before they can attend a session. Your annual membership won't start until it has been approved by the membership team, so your renewal date will be pushed back as well.

    We do tend to have people drop out at the last minute as their plans change so please do keep an eye out for these free spaces. Yes, the reason you can't see the button is because the ride is full.

    As for group skills sessions being for beginners, I can assure you they are not and all our rides teach the same principles. The intro ride is a good option for those who aren't sure if they can manage the speed and distance that is involved with club riding and want to experience this before committing to membership.

  • Hi user, the group skills sessions are there to ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to riding as part of a group, which can vary from club to club. They also act as a welcome and allows you to have a coffee with other new club members and ask the session leaders any questions. I know it can be frustrating waiting for a slot to become open but you can almost guarantee that someone will drop out the night before so keep an eye out on the 4th. In the meantime you should still be able to ride with the club this weekend as a guest.


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