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  • Hi @Vincent_Azmi, while Garmin is the more established player for cycling computers, depending upon how much you are looking to spend and what you need the computer for, I would also consider a Wahoo. They are great little navigators with awesome battery life (lasted me more than 12 hours on a single day so very useful for those epic days). The screen is unaffected by rain and has backlighting for cycling in the dark. It gives you tonnes of flexibility on at metrics you want displayed and effortlessly posts your rides on strava, Ride with GPS, training peaks and other platforms. Saving new routes to the device is just as effortless, easily doable from your phone or on a computer. It can even connect to your indoor trainer if you have one. I haven't once faced a technical issue with mine so far e.g. Rides not saving or device crashing. Anyway, ramblings over, if you are looking for a device with route navigation, consider the wahoo.

  • Thank you for the quick reply, i will definitely consider wahoo, all i need a cycling computer for is gps anyways since my phone dies after a long ride which is impractical. In terms of money id go for anything solid under £90, previously looking at the Garmin 25 but i’ll look for some wahoo now. Thanks again