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  • Dear Dan,

    thanks for your interest in riding with ICC.

    Re 1: we offer several rides of different pace and distance - anything from a fast 60k to a not so fast 160k or more. The choice is yours.
    Re 2: we offer a variety of routes, some going out to Potters Bar, others to Epping, Chilterns or Surrey. They vary and members usually put routes on the forum before the ride.
    Re 3: makes sense.

    Please also note: you can join ICC as guest for three rides, you need to attend a Group Riding skills session before your application will be processed and helmets are mandatory on all rides.

    Hope to see you out soon.


  • Eva

    All noted, thank you for such a speedy response. In relation to the Sunday ride will it be clear who will lead each ride (i.e. A, B, C)? I'll have a look on the forum during the week to scope out the suggested route/distance etc.

    Thanks again



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