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    Thanks David and Eva - much appreciated - small world! I'm going to try and join you guys on Sunday.

    All the best

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    All noted, thank you for such a speedy response. In relation to the Sunday ride will it be clear who will lead each ride (i.e. A, B, C)? I'll have a look on the forum during the week to scope out the suggested route/distance etc.

    Thanks again


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    Afternoon guys - apologies, I know this topic will have been covered a million times before but please bear with me...

    My mate and I are looking for a club to ride with, I live in Finsbury Park, I've been riding for the last 10 or so years, we're both 28.

    We'd like to join a Sunday ride to get a feel for the club, members, speed, route(s) etc. I understand you meet at 8:30 on a Sunday on Holloway Rd. Would you mind please giving me a hand with the following?

    1. What distance do your Sunday rides typically cover?
    2. Do you head out towards Potters Bar along with lots of the other clubs? Presumably the routes vary?
    3. We're looking for a reasonably fast paced ride - we're pretty comfortable with a 27kph average over 70-100km or so (route depending of course) - presumably it's best to start in your 'B' group?

    Thanks very much, really appreciate your guidance.

    All the best

    Dan Lampard