An Introduction to Club Cycling

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  • Hi Rob. I'm all set for Saturday, at 8.45am, and looking forward to it very much. The bit I'm concerned about, as a not-yet member, is this..."meeting point will be confirmed with you via the forum's private message system". I have no idea what that is!!

  • D'oh! Scrub that - I've just worked it out. Sorry for confusion.

  • still one place.


  • Nabbed the spot! Looking forward to the ride, I've done a fair bit of riding but not club so it'll be great to see how it's done.

  • great Alec. I have send you a personal message with the details (top right corner "messages")

  • Sorry - last minute drop out - will make the next one!

  • @dabijh

    Thanks for letting us know.

  • Just signed up for the introduction. I've very little experience in cycling in groups so would like to learn. I've mainly been using my bike for transportation but I got myself a road bike earlier in the year.
    I did cycle a bit with some people from ICC during the suburban breakout audax and they seemed quite friendly ;)

  • Hey @JesperLycke

    It sound like you exactly fit in our introduction ride. Everybody has little group experience and we will show you how to feel comfortable and safe within a group (and benefit the windshield and company of the others). I will send you a personal message (upper right corner), with the details of where to meet.

  • Thanks @Martine, looking forward to it!

  • Looks like I've become a member 2 hours after the introductory ride! Whoops. Is there a confirmation of the next date(s) so I can block it out my diary now?

  • The next one will be on 11th October, and will be announced in a week or so.

    Feel free to join the Sunday rides before that. Just get there a bit earlier and introduce yourself to the leader, and he/she will give you a quick lesson on signs etc.

  • I want to give my compliments to the group of me and @The_Other_Rob. I think you all did a fantastistic job, being very disciplined on the signals, and keeping a nice group all the way!

    And my garmin tells me we had a nice pace as well: an cycling average of 21.7 km/h (13.5 m/h)*, which is a normal C pace!!!

    I hope you enjoyed it, learned something from it, and I hope to see you in one of the club runs soon.

    PS some of you clearly could do a B-ride speed, so feel free to join the Bs if you feel confident. However take into account the longer distance, so the safe bit would be to start the Cs.

    *Garmin removes the "standing still for instructions" time from the average

  • Thanks to the organisers on this - a really good morning and great to meet people. See you again soon.

  • Great fun thanks, see you soon no doubt!

  • Thanks all. And thanks to @aidan @Martine and @Rachel I really enjoyed it. Apart from my hangover and me picking the bike with no cages... The c pace was welcome, just to echo Martine. Please come again and you will be surprised what you can do.

  • @Martine great thanks, no hangover free Sunday mornings before Oct 11th so will have to wait till then. Looking forward to learning the ropes!

  • Thanks Rob and Martine, I really enjoyed Saturday's ride (and Rob, I told you West Ham would win!). I have joined today, so hopefully I can get down to Mosquito Bikes and get kitted out in time for the next ride.

  • Thanks to Martine and the guys for great ride out to Essex (is that right?) yesterday. Really enjoyed your company and thanks for having me along. Hope you like the photo. See you soon. Guy

  • Thanks to Martine and the guys for great ride out to Essex (is that right?) yesterday. Really enjoyed your company and thanks for having me along. Hope you like the photo. See you soon. Guy

  • Hey Guy ( @user48748 ) I also really enjoyed it. It was a great ride. I can't see the picture, but maybe @Laura can help.

    Laura Guy can't access the rest of the forum yet (not yet member) but he has a photo of our ride this weekend. I believe there was an email address to mail and then the photo would come in the ICC forum.

  • Yep - you can share any Islington CC related photographs with our Flickr pool by emailing the photos directly to: [email protected]

  • Thanks.

  • A big thanks from me too, a real positive experience guys. I'm all signed up and looking forward to Sunday ;)

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An Introduction to Club Cycling

Posted by Avatar for The_Other_Rob @The_Other_Rob