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  • Hey ladies!
    Just spoke with the Blue Boar Deli.
    They are happy for us to go, I assured them that not everyone (as in 50 people) will arrive at the same time and that the ETA will be between 11-1pm. They said that the Blue Boar takes last orders at 1:15, so be mindful for those leading groups to make sure everyone is informed and if some can’t make it there by that time, they can have a coffee/food stop somewhere else along the way. It shouldn’t be a problem, as it’s only a coffer & cake, rather than a proper food stop.
    I’ll be standby on WhatsApp on the day for any issues, so feel free to text me when out. I’ll be in London, both at the Spoke and LMNH to help coordinate.
    So sad I can’t ride my bike.. :(


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