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Islington Women's Representative and
Half the Road moderator

I took on the role of the Women's Rep in the club in October 2018. Please feel free to contact me via the forum or on [email protected] for anything you'd like to ask!

About me:
I joined ICC in 2016. We've probably met at an Intro Ride or Group Skills session but I'm bad with names so please remind me! :)
I like taking photos... Lots of photos!!
I like audaxes and surprisingly got the most improved rider's ICC award in 2017. \m/
Can't stop buying kit and bike accessories.
Recently built my first Track Bike, which I've named "Troublegum"! 😅
It's a Cinelli Vigorelli Steel and I'm in love!!
Always having something on my schedule!
Either eating pizza, chocolate & cakes or drinking coffee/rum/gin/ales! 😜
Maybe I need to cut down on cake, as it's given me a few bad teeth lately..😷
Instagram:@agnessbass82 @fixedgeargurl
Strava profile here
Some videos on my YouTube Channel, from a few 2017 rides:


See you on the road (or hopefully the Track)!!

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    Bumping this! Female Ride Leaders needed!

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    Houghton Farm, Houghton, Arundel BN18 9LW
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    We are 18 in total, so I’m sure we can split into 3 groups of 6 to accommodate all levels/capabilities.
    I’m keen to do a harder ride on Saturday and a flatter/more leisurely one on Sunday and visit Arundel with its beautiful castle and the surroundings. Bognor Regis is not that fancy a place but I’d b keen to hit the seaside through a flattish route on Sunday.

    On another note, I can now confirm and everything has been confirmed and sorted with the Bunkhouse so we’re good to go! Kate will be there when the First Ladies arrive so she will show you around by the time I get there. I will be arriving at around 9pm..hopefully not later!
    I will try to find some time to dig any other routes too. Thanks for looking into this Eva! If anyone else is keen for other routes, please share your thoughts! :)

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    Cool! I would suggest to try to have an early start on this one, just in case, but see how we feel on Saturday morning!

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    Yes! I’m up for that on Saturday! We will need to make sure we are back in time for the pub dinner so other than that, I’d like to push my limits a bit ahead of Mallorca and see how it goes. We can always cut short and get back to the bunkhouse if need be! ;)

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    Bumping this to inform all ladies that there are only 3 last minute tickets left for South Downs! If you’ve been thinking about joining or have any friends who would like to come along, grab them soon! :) Can’t wait for BST to arrive! 🤩

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    Pub dinner sent over! We’re eating at the George and Dragon on the 6th of April at 7:30 pm! Cocktails on the terrace will follow after that! :)
    *Only three places left if you make up your mind the last minute! Nearly sold out!!
    *Can those of you with breakfast options let me know if you have any particular requirements? I’ve contacted Kate from the Bunkhouse to ask for vegetarian options and with the flexibility to share non-dairy milk and peanut butter if need be. Does that sound good?

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    Islington Cycling Club's annual ladies' open ride is back - and you're invited!

    Following the success of all our past Ladies’ Open Rides, we'll be setting off from the Spoke on Holloway Road for a day of riding, chatting and - most importantly - eating cake.

    This non-competitive event is a celebration of women's cycling, and the perfect opportunity to warm up for a summer of cycling, as well as a chance to meet other women from ICC and elsewhere who are passionate about all things cycling. You'll also find out all the joys club cycling has to offer, so if you're making up your mind about whether to join a club, come along and see if it's for you!

    You'll be able to choose a route of 65km (40 miles) or 85km (52 miles), and we'll regroup at the end for a yummy brunch at Look Mum No Hands!, Old Street.

    The event is completely free, and is open to club members and non-club members alike - so tell your friends and let's make this a big one!

    Use the link of the event on Eventbrite to share!

    We are thinking about doing some fundraising for women on the day, so if you’d like to contribute, please bring some cash.

    Proposed Routes:

    65km Ride:


    • Confidence to complete a 65km (40 mile) route in a group at approx 20-22kph (12-13mph).
    • A roadworthy road bike in good condition (make sure your brakes and tyres are in good condition and pumped properly!).
    • Helmets are mandatory as per all our club rides.
    • You don’t need to bring any locks or backpacks. Be as light as possible!
    • Emergency essentials: 1-2 spare tubes, pump, multi-tool, tyre levers.
    • Stay hydrated and energised: Bring water and a couple of bars/bananas.
    • Bring cash in case card readers don’t work at the coffee/food stops and just in case of emergency.
      See you there!

    If you have any questions, please feel free to email Anthi at [email protected]
    All current ICC members are kindly asked to volunteer as Ride leaders to support this ride. Ladies please get in touch for the organising huddle! :)

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    Bumping this! Last day today for pub orders but we still have 6 places available until the trip! If you don’t place pub orders today, you may not be able to find a space to eat at the pub but can definitely join for cocktails on their beautiful terrace! :)