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Veteran Islington Women's Representative and
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I took on the role of the Women's Rep in the club in October 2018 up until November 2020 and it was a great pleasure to volunteer for this role in the club! :)

About me:
I joined ICC in 2016 and I've been known for taking endless photos while riding.
I've been mainly doing long Sunday club rides but since June 2019 I've had to give up training and racing to look after my doggie, Bagsy, who has now passed. I’ve been dealing with lower back pain since June 2020 so I’m trying to slowly reinvent myself and the club helps me stay motivated!

In July 2018 I built my first Track Bike, which I've named "Troublegum"! 😅
It's a Cinelli Vigorelli Steel 2018 and soon enough it got me into Fixed Gear Crit racing. I’m accredited at both Lee Valley Velodrome and Herne Hill Velodrome.
I did 2/3 of the ISHQ Crit series back in 2019 and bagged some points for the club in both the races, but unfortunately never managed to finish the series (due to doggie situation).
Hopefully I’ll be ready for it soon enough! 👊🏼
Looking for more ladies to do some track training at LV / HHV!
Instagram:@agnessbass82 @fixedgeargurl @bagsytheterrier
Strava profile here
Some videos on my YouTube Channel, from a few 2017 rides:


See you on the road (or hopefully the Track)!!

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