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About me:
I joined ICC in 2016.
Ex ICC committee member (2019-2021).
Road, gravel and track enthusiast.
Lee Valley & Herne Hill Velodrome accredited 👊🏼
Did two fixed gear crit races back in 2019 (and got points!)
Currently dealing with lower back pain issues so you’re more likely to see me in a green ride..🤷🏻♀️
Looking to regain those muscles and hopefully get back to fixed crit racing and more..

Always up for a gravel adventure too!
I take too many photos…
I also swear a lot! 🤫

Strava profile here
Some videos on my YouTube Channel, from a few 2017 rides in Greece and London:


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    Hi Simon!
    Glad to hear that you’re interested in track cycling! That’s amazing!
    We generally hold 1 exclusive ICC track session quarterly, so every 3 months or so, typically at Lee Valley. During the summer we may move these over to Herne Hill as it’s more fun to be outdoors when the weather is nice so we are connected with both tracks.
    At the moment we don’t have an appointed Track Secretary unfortunately but looking to fill the gap and as soon as someone is on board, we will crack on with booking the next session at LV.
    Other than the exclusive ICC sessions, which cater all levels, some of us roll up to the regular sessions they have and join others.
    I’ve been to the 9am accredited drop in, it’s ok if you want to test yourself etc but the Endurance SQT on Mondays at 8pm is way more fun and technical, as it’s very popular and there are people to ride with and practice drills.
    After this week when my work deadlines are done I’m aiming to go for a session and try to get my fitness back slowly slowly as I’m a bit rusty at the moment!
    Some of the women will attend this week’s women’s only session to check out the track (unaccredited) so hopefully we’ll be more riding on the boards from ICC!
    Let me know if you have any other questions, happy to help!

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    Apologies all but due to mechanical I won’t be able to lead any groups today. Have fun and ride carefully. Look out for black ice and use your mudguards to avoid face splashes!

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    Keep your eyes peeled as someone may opt out last minute and a place may become available for you.
    Looks like capacity is already increased to try to accommodate more people but not sure if there’s a possibility to increase even more.
    @Zac is the person to confirm. ;)

    Also, @user121990 @user126115 @user116995 could you kindly change your user name to something more identifiable, to facilitate communications? :)
    Hope to see you all around soon riding with us!

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    Hi @Jime_AG94!
    Visit our main website to apply for membership and then book yourself in one of the Intro Rides or Group Skills (required to do one of these to get your membership approved).

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    Great effort this morning everyone! Hope to see you all again soon!
    We are running a Track session at Herne Hill Velodrome next Saturday at 14:30 (tickets available in the club shop for only £14 with bikes included) so if you don’t want to miss out, hurry up! This is an induction for total beginners so no prior experience needed and there will also be a more advanced group for those with some track experience. 😉
    You can always bring your own track bike if you have one of course! 🙌🏼

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    Go ahead @SeanW 👍🏼

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    So shocking..what else can I say?
    It’s really sad when a fellow member “goes” so unexpectedly and Leroy was one of a kind. Our last ride together was from London to Whitstable in June, which unfortunately he didn’t manage to complete because of a broken spoke on his rear wheel. He was puzzled about what to do with it so I helped him bend it around the other spoke so he could at least ride to the nearest station and take the train back to London. He was my wind shield in the group and always teased each other, while he also was fond of my group selfies while riding and would happily make funny faces when I pulled my phone out of my pocket..
    Rest in peace sweet Leroy and may you always ride free.. 💔

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    The Spoke
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    Riders and dog friends!
    This is an open social ride to welcome all dog owners who’d like to go for a stroll with our paw friends! (I’m obviously trying to find reasons to get on my bike outside of my commutes!)
    We will start at Regent’s Park Entrance at 9am on Sunday, aiming to have a coffee break in between (and any pooch emergency toilet!) and aim to be at Victoria Park before 12 for the upcoming Dog Show!
    All dogs welcome, either on bike trailers, panniers, baskets or doggie backpacks, you call it!
    Let’s take a nice day out with our fur babies and our bikes and enjoy some park life! Cats on bikes may also be considered!!!
    Route will be announced soon, for those who May want to join us along the way! There will be a live tracking link, so you can see where we will be at any time until the end of the ride!
    Roughly, the route starts from ZSL Entrance at Regents Park, going to Hyde Park and coffee break at the Serpentine, carry on along the river on the North Bank via the cycle superhighway, go to the Stratford marches and end up at Vicky Park!
    Please RSVP so we know rough numbers.
    Looking forward to seeing you all there!!
    Link to the FB event: