• Hi there,

    I've paid for my ICC membership through British Cycling, however there is no explanation how and when I get to join the club and what's the progress of the membership.

    I've ridden with some of the ICC members already and it's a lovely bunch of people, hence I decided to join the club.

    I've requested to join the Strava club too.

    Sorry for posting here, but I didn't really know where else to bring up this question.

  • Hi, If you haven't done so already, you need to attend a Group Skills session or an Introductory Ride (such as this one) before your membership will be approved. It's a mandatory session that we require all our new members to attend. Once you've attended one of these your name will be passed to the membership manager and your application will be processed. You can find loads of opportunities to attend these sessions in the clipping in section of the forum.

    If you've already attended one of these sessions, your membership will be processed shortly and you'll be part of the club before you know it.

  • Hi Sally,
    Thanks for your reply!
    It seems like I need to do the Introductory Ride on the 5th of May, although I've ridden with some of your A-group members previously. I was hoping that I can join you as early as this week so I can participate in some rides this coming weekend, but I suppose I have to wait until the first introductory ride.


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