• @Will_S I think that's a great idea, but maybe once I already know what a good size frame is. For now, there's so much subjectivity research alone probably won't be able to answer the real questions I have. I'm keeping it in mind for the obvious next bike (yea, I'm being realistic...)

    @SamuelD We actually measured the stem and it's the same on all of them, so not sure exactly what was making it feel less comfortable. I wondered if the frame itself was bigger. Will check that out on Monday when I pop back.

  • Could be that, due to the frame's geometry, the effective top tube - the length of the imagined horizontal line between the top of the head tube to the seatpost - the reach was actually greater. This is often the case with racier frames so you're more stretched out and aerodynamic.

    Manufacturers rather unhelpfully usually list the frame size by the length of the seat tube which is an irrelevant measurment as you can easily move the saddle up or down.


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