• Hi all, hope you don't mind me posting in this forum for a bit of advice...

    Hoping to one day join you all on the roads, but for now that will be tricky - I only have a Trek hybrid. While it's certainly more than capable for the sportives I do, it's not really a group bike! So, time to upgrade and throw some money around, I figure... but I'm a little torn on exactly where that money should go. I'm looking for recommendations on both bike shops in London that can give me good advice and options, and also bike recommendations in general.

    A little about me:

    I'm fairly new to road cycling - I got into it this year and have seriously caught the bug. These days a typical ride is about 3-4 hours and 40-60 miles. I'm getting more and more into sportives as well. I'm looking for a bike that is going to let me push myself, but will also remain comfortable for more leisurely rides - I tend to also enjoy a slower ride some non-serious cycling groups for social events.

    Currently, I've got somewhat convinced that I want a Canyon because a) they look gorgeous but more importantly b) the spec seems killer for the price. I've also considered a Canondale CAAD. Beyond that, I'm not sure where to even beginning looking.

    I think I'd like a carbon frame, but honestly not sure about the exact pros and cons.
    What would you suggest? My budget is roughly £1500, which seems reasonable for a first road bike - I'm willing to go higher though if it's worth it. Will also be spending whatever it takes to get a good quality fitting done (I'm in London, so if you have suggestions, I'm all ears!)

    Let me know if there's any more info that could help :) I'll be popping down to Swift Cycles this weekend hopefully, so we'll see what they say.

  • Get something that fits well but if you have the budget get some decent wheels rather than a fancy frame/gears.


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