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Club Treasurer and Co-Founder of Islington Cycling Club

National Standards cycle instructor and one time Chartered Accountant

9 bikes and counting, but have got the n+1 itch after at least 5 years of not buying a bike (for me)

I over use (brackets), I guess it's my accountant streak!

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    Hi Darren (@user125215) did you also contact other cycling clubs, I'm sure it features on many routes?

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    In memory of Leroy the club has just donated £100 to Sickle Cell Society.

    "In memory of our friend and clubmate Leroy Hodge. This was a cause close to his and his family's heart. May you rest in peace. With love from the members of Islington Cycling Club."

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    Ride in Peace Leroy.

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    This is really so sad, he always had a smile and a warm greeting for all.

    I first met him when he rolled up next to me at some lights.
    On seeing my ICC bidon he asked “you ride with ICC?”.
    Me “yes, but not very often”.
    Leroy “you should get out more often, perhaps lead a ride”.
    Me “good idea”.
    Leroy “what’s your name, I’ll look out for you”
    Me “I’m Andrew Castiglione”.
    Leroy “thank you Mr Treasurer!”

    We always greeted each other with a rye smile after that.