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My interest and love for cycling began approximately six years ago when I was introduced to cycling by a friend. I practiced cycling and improve my ability to cycle long distances by cycling along canal towpaths - the safety and scenic attractions were compelling. After a few years, I migrated from using a touring bike to using a road bike and joined a few "road cycle" friends on more ambitious rides. My most ambitious ride of the year became the BHF " London to Brighton". I completed a few of these and this set my "target fitness". This annual ride also served the purpose of reminding me if I was getting fitter or not.

Although I have used my road bike several times at the Hern Hill Stadium under instruction to improve my skill and confidence at riding fast, close to and in a group, I am far from being an "elite" cyclist and would better describe myself as a "social" rider who aims to improve his "endurance" and road group riding skills and look forward to meeting like-minded cyclists. With a view to taking on long-distance "challenges". If anyone reading this profile wishes to or is looking to take on the challenge of riding to Paris, please get in touch. I hope the Islington C C will help me to gain the confidence and fitness to take on this challenge in 2020

In recent years I have been on the lookout for a cycling club that has regular events of varying abilities - not only on weekends but also during the week. The Islington C C has come to the fore because it has the variety and well documented weekly rides from which I can make a choice.


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    P.S. Can anyone tell me if this ride took place? Was it Cancelled? Or cut short because of the weather conditions? or any other reasons(s)? I assumed the "training" would take place in the Park. Perhaps this was not the plan, and the group left the park after assembling.

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    Hi everyone. Another newbie question..... to save me time riding round the park in circles :) Knowing how important it is to find the "meeting point" and to be on time I went on a fact finding mission
    There is no mention in Zac's comments above about the exact meeting point. ( Perhaps its staring me in the face ) So I "assume" the cursor on the map is correct and can be trusted. Ummmm : )
    A Google Search - "Sunday Club Rides Meet at Whittington Park, Holloway Road entrance, N19 4RS, for an 8.30am depart. Coffee and cake............"

    From three possible map locations; the post code N19 4RS; the map cursor above at "Upper Holloway Rd; and an entrance on "Holloway Rd", I am going to gamble and "assume" there is an entrance to the park on the main road. ( Holloway Rd)... the meeting point? Am I right? A picture paints a thousand words.... comes to mind... ( smile )

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    @DaveCooper Hi Dave, Thanks for you "heads up"...... networking working!! without having to regularly revisit this web page; which is not automatic because I am not a member. ( somehow I saw your invite in my mail inbox.... one day I will understand how this works.) Tks once again.

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    Hello everyone, I am a newbie and tried to join this introduction ride on Sat 8 Feb and discovered it is "full". My Q is.... is there any possibility of joining the ride if someone is unable to attend? Is there any mechanism for me to be told/invited? If only as late as on the day before?