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    Hello Cyclists of Islington!

    We are currently looking for lots of people (London based - within M25)... and specifically CYCLISTS for a McDonald's commercial!

    Successful applicants will earn £500 - £1000 each. No acting experience necessary!

    You can be a McDonalds 24hr customer for any reason at all... You might work in emergency services, be a 24 hour tradesman, or work for TFL. You could work in London hospitality or a hospital! You could be a baker, a croupier, a florist, a flight attendant, a DJ, a cabbie - the list goes on!

    • You must be over the age of 16
    • You must not have a criminal record
    • You must be available to meet us in person or Skype with us between 28th Jan - 7th Feb 2016.
    • You must be available for filming for a few hours on a night between the 15th-18th Feb 2016.

    For an easy application process please visit the ‘Casting Calls’ page on our website: http://www.etcasting.com OR if you would prefer to email us directly please email [email protected] before Wednesday 27th January 2016 with:

    • Your full name and age
    • Your contact number and location
    • Your occupation
    • A current photo of yourself
    • When you go to McDonalds (roughly time of night/early morning) and why you go at this time?
    • Do you go on your own or with someone else?
    • What do you usually order from the McDonalds menu?
    • Do you have any food allergies?