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    Have to pull out as not feeling too well and can't be 100% sure That I'd make it :(

    Space now available for anyone else that wanted to go.

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    Which group was that? C or B?

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    Just picking up on the mudguard point. I'm sure i read that they are obligatory during winter however as a potential new member i'm just slightly concerned as my bike won't accept them. I have tried cruds a couple of times before and had to bin them on both occasions. I've near bugger all clearance with 23mm on it and now i'm on 25mm 4000s not hope in hell of using any.

    Would this be an issue in the winter months?

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    Cheers Guys for the warm welcome

    If i can get the planned 70ish km ride under my belt this saturday i may just come on your group c ride on the 11th :-)

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    Hoping to become a member so i've signed up for this before i try out any group rides with you.

    See you on the 16th :)

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    Hi All

    It's time to bite the bullet and make an effort to actually try out and find a cycling club.

    You guys and gals seem friendly from what i've seen so whats the worst that can happen.

    I am quite/very shy which for a mid 30's man is not good and sometimes people may perceive it as rudeness etc but it just takes me a while to get to know people before i can open up.

    I've just signed up for your introduction to club cycling on 14th Aug as it's been too many years since i last rode in a group

    Fingers crossed it works out.

    Hopefully nothing conspires against me and i'll see you soon.