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New to cycling clubs but not new to cycling - albeit of the slower and less elegant touring variety. Hoping to keep my fitness up and get a wee bit speedier on the South East's roads with your help, and join in the social side too.

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    Thank you so much @SallyB, @SanP and @Zac! Membership mails all received now and I'm looking forward to my first ride with you all. Thanks so much for getting me signed up. I feel thoroughly welcomed into the group!

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    Hi @SanP
    Hope you're doing well! Thanks for taking us out the other week and teaching us the skills.
    I ordered my cycling membership renewal through the ICC website on 27th April and I wondered if there is anything else I need to do to become a member and see the weekly rides? (I had previously joined for a couple of months in 2019 but between injury and lockdown I let my membership lapse) I am very keen to get out cycling with you all soon! Please let me know if I've missed anything.
    Thanks very much, and have a good weekend ahead