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Islington Women's Representative and
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I took on the role of the Women's Rep in the club in October 2018. Please feel free to contact me via the forum or on [email protected] for anything you'd like to ask!

About me:
I joined ICC in 2016 and I've been known for taking endless photos while riding.
I've been mainly doing long Sunday club rides but since June 2019 I've been rather inactive with club rides due to my dog being sick. :( (There's a crowdfunding page here for those who'd kindly like to help).
You may still see me at Regent's Park riding with my dog on my back (!) on a Saturday morning if the weather is good! Or commuting with my dog again (that's how we now roll..!). Of at most of the Club Track Sessions at LV and HHV! <3

In July 2018 I built my first Track Bike, which I've named "Troublegum"! 😅
It's a Cinelli Vigorelli Steel 2018 and soon enough it got me into Fixed Gear Crit racing.
I did 2/3 of the ISHQ Crit series and bagged some points for the club in both the races, but unfortunately never managed to finish the series (due to doggie situation).

Instagram:@agnessbass82 @fixedgeargurl @bagsytheterrier
Strava profile here
Some videos on my YouTube Channel, from a few 2017 rides:


See you on the road (or hopefully the Track)!!
Would anyone like to borrow my doggy sometime so I can ride again? 🐶🐾🐾

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    Riders and dog friends!
    This is an open social ride to welcome all dog owners who’d like to go for a stroll with our paw friends! (I’m obviously trying to find reasons to get on my bike outside of my commutes!)
    We will start at Regent’s Park Entrance at 9am on Sunday, aiming to have a coffee break in between (and any pooch emergency toilet!) and aim to be at Victoria Park before 12 for the upcoming Dog Show!
    All dogs welcome, either on bike trailers, panniers, baskets or doggie backpacks, you call it!
    Let’s take a nice day out with our fur babies and our bikes and enjoy some park life! Cats on bikes may also be considered!!!
    Route will be announced soon, for those who May want to join us along the way! There will be a live tracking link, so you can see where we will be at any time until the end of the ride!
    Roughly, the route starts from ZSL Entrance at Regents Park, going to Hyde Park and coffee break at the Serpentine, carry on along the river on the North Bank via the cycle superhighway, go to the Stratford marches and end up at Vicky Park!
    Please RSVP so we know rough numbers.
    Looking forward to seeing you all there!!
    Link to the FB event:

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    If the group is briefed properly then I don’t find any reason why not. We just have limited capacity to have guest riders on Sundays I think.
    But @SallyB is best suited to shed some light here?

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    Hello everyone!
    If you’ve taken photos during the open ride day, would you mind sharing here with us for our club’s archive?
    Many thanks!

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    Try loading the file via the broswer, not the app. App are usually restricted and this doesn’t necessarily work. Go to your garmin account and load the gpx file there to create/save the route, instead of the app, and see what happens.

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    Thanks to everyone who came to the Open Ride today! I’m glad you all had such a great time!
    Thanks to all the volunteers, leaders and sweepers alike, to the ladies who took care of the charity campaign and everyone else who made this happen! Sharing some of the morning photos below!
    Also, whoever was here today and didn’t give their names/contact info to their leader, please get in touch with @SallyB, our membership manager, to provide these. We’ll need these to process your membership, should you wish to join the ICC family!

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    Sorry to hear that Dympna! Hope you’re back on your bike soon!

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    We need more volunteers to run this event.
    Can please all ICC ladies who can help out add their names on the list in this thread?
    Thanks, much appreciated!

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    Hi @EmilyStewart,
    I don’t see your name on the Eventbrite list but if you’ve done the GS, your name should already be pre-authorised in case you decide to join ICC.
    I will collect all names on the day, so I’ll see you at the Spoke in Sunday!