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Been riding for around 4 years with another ICC - Ilkley. Joined Islington in July 2016. Enjoy Radlett revolution but looking forwards to some different rides now - Surrey Hills perhaps?
Keen to do some rides further afield... if anyone fancies a weekend spin around Belgium/Holland them I'm up for it... ferry to Dunkirk then back via Rotterdam. feel free t message if interested!

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    OMG I don't believe it... so sudden.. a true gentleman, not only on the bike but gave so much to the club, I had the chance to have a good chat with him when we volunteered for the signing in session during last year's Great Escape. Have lots of happy memories of riding out to Windsor, Box Hill and Epping together.
    Was looking forwards to riding the TOC with him in June...

    If there is any chance find out about what funeral arrangements are, I would like to pay my respects.

    Leroy, hope the roads in heaven are smooth as silk for you. Farewell for now... and happy trails!

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    Hi, don't know whether you need help but will gladly volunteer to sweep or helping with signage etc.

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    we've just joined too!
    Many thanks for leading the ride, James, and for being so supportive
    we had a great time but the distance was a bit too much for Layla, as nice as you guys were I think that she regretted that there weren't more women on the ride... just wondering if there's a ladies ride going out? Tempo was fine but distance 40-50 miles or so about her limit.
    thanks again and see you soon, this time with the southern ICC tops on!

    mark and layla