An Introduction to Club Cycling - 8 August 2015

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  • Hello, if anyone can't attend let me know i'd love to come along! Otherwise i guess i can wait for the next one.


  • My place is up for grabs- I won't be able to make it unfortunately, think I underestimated how unfit I was/am and also only have an hybrid bike.

    Will hope to get on one soon, but till then will keep cycling and training!

  • Hi @FatSam, sorry to hear you will not be attending this session in a few weeks. Hopefully your training will go well and you'll join one of our future rides! You'll be most welcome.

    In the meantime, could you hit the "I'm not attending" button at the top of the page so that someone can grab your place?


  • Hi Alex,

    Thanks. I am off on holiday for a couple of weeks and back just after this intro ride. I'd like to get straight back into cycling afterwards so I'll look on here for a saturday/sunday ride and will post on the forum beforehand.

    I look forward to joining!

  • Hi all, apologies I've realised I cannot make this one as I will be abroad. That should leave a space for someone to snap up!

    Hope to be at the next one

  • Have just been looking at cycling clubs with my partner and Islington CC seems a good fit. We would love to come along if 2 spaces become available.

  • Turns out I can't make it anymore. Hope I'll be able to join in September!

  • Hi all, just to say I'm waiting in the wings to come along if a space appears, but event still shown as full, despite Charlene pulling out 17 minutes ago! Does that mean it's been snapped up already?

  • It does look that way, they're highly popular ;) Perhaps consider trying a Sunday C ride whilst you wait for a slot?

  • Hi sorry my partner David snapped up the spot! I'm waiting for a spot too :)

  • Hi

    I'm really keen to join the club but can see the places for the 8th August are very popular and already taken. I'm used to cycling with people up to 60 miles but not within a club so know I will need to become familiar with cycling in a group. Would it be possible to join one of your group C rides this Saturday? Or would you recommend I wait for the next introductory ride in September?



  • Try a Sunday C ride Claire

  • Thanks Keith. Unfortunately I am busy for the next few Sundays but will definitely come along in a few weeks time. Would you recommend I also try and get a place on your September introductory ride?


  • @Claire Yes, still do the intro ride even though you have done a few rides. The intro-ride goes much more thoroughly into group riding skills. Also keep an eye on the August one as often people drop out last minute.

  • Joining the queue for a cancelled spot here as well - not sure if I'll get an alert if someone cc's me, but here's hoping!

    Fingers crossed I'll see you all on Saturday.

  • Also, is the Sept one online yet...? Have a feeling this might be on my birthday, but would be good to know when it's likely to go up.

  • @claire_j_b you can set notifications at the top right. The September one will be most likely 12 September but this will be confirmed after this one has taken place.

  • Thanks! Alert now set up. 12 Sept it could be, although not sure I can wait til then ... any difference between the Sunday C rides and the Saturday C rides? Would prefer the Sat, but everyone seems to be suggesting Sunday.

    I ave about 23kmph on an ok day (can get up to 25/27 on a brilliant day) and have done a fair bit of riding on my own for a few years now, but RideLondon yesterday made me want to step it up a notch + start to challenge myself a bit. Would be keen to keep going while my training momentum is up!

  • You are welcome to join the other rides as well (midweek or Saturday) @claire_j_b Great you got the spirit from RideLondon. I heard a lot of enthusiastic stories from club members.

    We still encourage all members to do the intro even if they have done multiple rides with us before. The intro rides just pay a lot more attention on group riding skills (and also explain why we do things the way we do), while in normal rides you learn by watch.

  • Hi!

    I'm pretty new to road cycling, but would like to join a cycling club to help with confidence. I move to London at the beginning of September. I think the most I've ridden at the minute is about 30 miles but I'm trying to increase this before then. Any idea when the September intro will be? Also where abouts does the intro ride take place? As I would like to give it a go before the day just to see if I'm up to scratch!

    Thanks a lot! :)

  • Hello Sophie - Welcome! Once this saturday's intro ride is done we will open a thread for September. Try and keep an eye on this thread as places normally become available closer to the date and you could put your name forward. The route is usually 25-30 miles starting from Whittington Park, riding out of London via the A100 Barnet way and we do a loop around south Hertfordshire, we finish at a cafe on the finchley road for coffee and cakes. Myself and @Orestis will be there this saturday. See you soon.

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  • Thanks a lot! I'll keep a look out for the event and give the route a go when I'm in London

  • Evening all! I'm looking to join a club and yours seems to be the one.
    Looks like your Saturday starter ride is full up: is there one on Sunday too? Or is laps of Regent Park the way to go?

  • Great you are considering joining @RobT The intro rides are once a month, but you can join laps Regents Park or Sunday rides before. What is your experience?

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An Introduction to Club Cycling - 8 August 2015

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