An Introduction to Club Cycling - 1 May 2021

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  • Hi @SameerR @user127604 @PoppyCross @BrianH @user127486 @Helene_B @RahulT90 @Martin_Orz @Aref91777 @Julia @JamesCarn @Jen

    I have just set up a Group Skills session on May 1st:
    Attending this instead of an Intro Ride will also allow you join the club

  • Hi Zac
    Would like to join this session if there is still space as i am interested in finding out about and joining Islington CC. Do let me know if you still have some space and what i need to do to sign up

  • Hi to all :)
    Would really love to join one of these sessions ! If you're eventually not attending, could you please leave a comment so i'll be notified ?

    Many thks !

  • Hi ! can i join this session?

  • If anyone drops out I’d love to join or join June 5th which is also full !

  • Hi, can you let me know when the next oppertuity to join an intro session/ ride is? I did a couple of intro rides with Christian when you used to meet at Wittingdon Park so would i still need to do an into session? Look forward to hearing from you.. Thanks Steve

  • Hi Steve,

    Unfortunately all of our currently advertised sessions are fully booked (we have an unprecedented number of people wanting to join the club at the moment) but do keep an eye out in case people drop out last minute due to diary clashes.

    Our Sunday club rides don't count as we have a set number of signals/instructions/riding formations we need to run through for health and safety purposes and official registers are taken at each event so that we can confirm attendance and get memberships processed.

    We hope to put more sessions on as soon as we have enough volunteers to cover the ride, so hopefully you won't have to wait too long.

  • Hi, ok thanks when will the next sessions be available to book onto which I guess will be July ??

  • @Fede.varri @user127973 @nainan

    I've just opened up another Group Skills session on 6 May (Thursday evening)

  • Hi @AlexandraBox @AmyBroadhead @AndreasDavda @AriannaM @BSteinert @EmilyB @GeorgeMacfarlane @Gmackenzie @Hugo_Guyot @JamieThomas @JenLee @Olena @OllieHammick @RaoulU @RichardMatson @RickyM @SergeyK @SophieFisher @SophieRodger @ThomasPercy @user126106 @user126527 @user99134 @Vicky-Lee @Yoav

    I hope you are all excited for the Intro Ride tomorrow morning, we're excited to have you along. Please try and make it on time as it is essential for the safety briefing, but there is no need to come early. The map at the top of this thread shows where exactly in Highbury Fields to go to.

    You will be split into groups of 6 as you arrive for the initial briefing in smaller groups rather than a large group for Covid rules compliancy. So please try to avoid congregating in one big group as you arrive.

    If you can no longer make it, could you please remove yourself from the event by clicking "Can't Make It" at the top, as this ride is currently fully booked and there are others waiting for a spot (if you book a spot but fail to attend we reserve the right to limit your future attendance).

    Let me know if you have any questions. We look forward to meeting you on tomorrow.

  • Hi, I have to drop off from the ride - sorry for the late notice!

  • Hey @SergeyK no worries, thanks for opening up your space. Hopefully will see you on another ride soon.

  • @user126106

    If you would be able to change your username to something a little more recognisable, it will help us greatly with managing attendance and membership processing. Thanks

  • Thanks Zac! Looking forward to it 🚴🏻♀️ See you all tomorrow

  • There are now 3 places free if anyone is looking to join.

  • I would be interested not sure I'm capable of 3o Mile ride though

  • I'm interested in starting from June can you please tell me what to do next

  • Still two places free for tomorrow's ride. Click the Attending button at the top!

    (or click the Not Attending if you can't come)

  • What time do you meet and where abouts
    Also how far is the ride tomorrow

  • The first post on this thread will tell you all that and much more.

  • Thanks sorry I cannot attend tomorrow but would like to sign up for the one on the 5th of June

  • Hello to the group I saw on Pricklers Hill, hope you enjoyed your ride!

  • Thanks for today ✌️ looking forward to joining the club and hopefully I'll jump in on Wednesday evenings ride 🚲

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An Introduction to Club Cycling - 1 May 2021

Posted by Avatar for Zac @Zac