Group Skills - 8 October 2020

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  • Group Skills is a chance to learn and share our group riding skills so that we can ride together more safely, more sociably and with less effort. This is a great opportunity for current and prospective members to build on skills, especially for those unable to find a place in the Introductory Rides.

    If you are a prospective club member, completing this course will allow you to join ICC

    We will look at communication skills and formations such as pace line and two up, plus how to pace/lead the ride from the front and rotate being at the front.

    Note that we will adjust the level depending on the level of who shows up.

    If you know all this, come and share your knowledge and if you don't, come and take advantage of the sharers. Feel free to read our Group Riding Guide beforehand, but is not necessary as we will cover all this during the session:­Guide-Updated-August-2020.pdf

    If you are new to the club and wish to become a member you will need to complete either a Group skills or an Introduction to Club Cycling training session. Please make yourself known to the ride leader so they can confirm your attendance to our membership manager.


    If you wish to attend this session you need to sign up to the ride here on the Islington forum.

    Register as a user on the forum (please help us by creating an actual name rather than the default username) then click the 'Yes I'm Attending' button above to confirm your attendance. If you see no places left, it is because the session is full. We do not maintain a waiting list so please keep checking back in case a place becomes available.

    Meet in the Regent's Park Inner Circle, at the big gates opposite York Bridge.

    Development Secretary

  • Please note that sunset is at 18:22 BST, so remember to bring lights as this will run after sunset. It will be our final Thursday evening Group Skills session in 2020.

  • Apologies, but I'll have to pull out of this ride due to other comittments.

  • @Herms, thanks for the spot! ;)

  • No worries ;)

  • Hello, please let me know if anyone can’t make it, looking for a last minute spot

  • Likewise looking for a spot! Ta!

  • I have switched to another session if anyone needs my space

  • Keen to jump in here if a spot opens up.

  • Also keen to join if another space opens up!

  • Also keen if an additional space opens up!

  • Same Here!!!! I'd like to attend if space opens!

  • Great! See ya There x

  • Sorry cannot make it so there is now a space up for grabs

  • Cheers! I've grabbed it x

  • Hi @Joe701 @John @user108069 @ClaireSage @Cha @RupertF @user117625 @OliaN @TomOak @user117668 @DarylBultitude @sara-essa @JohnE @TabsF @HelenFox @Memona @mike_balsara @aldosands @Jonjo @MissGordon

    Hope you are looking forward to Group Skills this Thursday evening, hopefully it will stay dry for the duration of the session. Please bring lights, both front and rear, as sunset is now ~6:30pm, so this session will be beginning as it gets dark.

    As it may be wet as well, please make sure you have mudguards installed on your bike. If you don't have mudguards yet, that is fine for this session, but I highly recommend getting some soon as it makes a huge difference in keeping road spray off yourself, your bike, and others around you when roads are wet, and is actually required on club rides during winter.

    If you are no longer able to make this session, could you please remove yourself from the attendee list to allow for others to join, as this session is now fully booked and there are others waiting that would love a spot. (If you reserve a spot but fail to attend we reserve the right to limit your future attendance).

    Look forward to seeing you all on Thursday.

  • @user108069

    If you would be able to change your username to something a little more recognisable, it will help us greatly with managing attendance and membership processing. Thanks

  • I will sign up to the new November ride instead, so a space has opened up for someone who would like it.

  • Hi @Zac, sorry I won't be able to make it this week. thank you for the message and info. I'll note for next time. I've removed myself from the list. Thanks again.

  • Hi Zac,

    I wont be able to make it this time round, I thought I had already pressed the button. Keen to join next year though!


  • Sorry thought I’d removed myself a while ago. Have done so now

  • I have to drop out I'm afraid so there's another spot up for grabs.

  • Thanks @Zac - now signed up!

  • Unfortunately am feeling rotten this eve so won’t be able to make this one - now joining the 17th Oct. My space now free if anyone wants?

  • Sorry having to drop out of this evening as I've had work commitments come in. Space open if anyone would like it

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Group Skills - 8 October 2020

Posted by Avatar for Zac @Zac