Half the Road Weekend Away 5-7 April 2019

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  • Houghton Farm, Houghton, Arundel BN18 9LW
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  • Awesome! Welcome on board Becky! :)

  • Food options update!
    **Important: if you are interested in joining the trip, you must confirm to me by the 22nd of March!**

    Hi Anthi

    REF: Reservation for 20 people (numbers to be confirmed by 23rd March) on 6th April to eat at 7.30pm

    Please find attached a copy of the menu for your booking above for which we will require you menu choices & confirmed numbers by 23rd March latest as per my email dated 10th March.

    Once we have received your individual selections they maybe amended up to 48 hours prior subsequently any cancellations or non-attendance on the day will be charged in full.

    We have included Vegetarian/Vegan options in the menu however with regards to the soup shown as Vegan/Vegetarian it does not include the bread & butter as it is not suitable for Vegans.

    When placing your orders please note by the individuals name their dietary requirements.

    If there is anything further that I can do please do let me know.

    Please confirm safe receipt of this email.

    Kind regards

    The George & Dragon
    Tel: 01798 831559

    If you have any Food Allergies or Special Dietary Requirements PLEASE let a member of our team know BEFORE ordering - THANK YOU

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  • Just bought myself a ticket. Really looking forward to it! I'll probably get the train up earlier on Friday to avoid rush hour if anyone else is doing something similar? Thinking about booking in advance to save money.

  • If you're coming add your food selections for the pub on Saturday night to this list by 22nd March :


  • Hi guys, I'm also fairly new and have just bought a ticket to join for the weekend (thanks Louise for encouragement at laps today!) Looking forward to it!

  • Great news! Looking forward to riding with you @GeorginaH 😀

  • Bump! Only two more days to grab your tickets for the South Downs Trip ladies!! Hurry up if you've been thinking about it! :)
    Menu choices here and you can submit them to LouiseC here.

  • Sorry, I didn't get any notifications about there being more messages in this thread and missed the discussion about the pub. I would like to join you for the pub. I have filled in my choices in the spreadsheet.

  • Excellent, thanks!

  • Got my ticket and put in my menu choices! Sorry to be so last minute. Looking forward to it ladies!

  • Just got my ticket!Looking forward to meeting you all! Yooohooo!

  • Awesome!! @Sara_S wanna ping me your phone number to add you to the South Downs chat for the logistics? Ta!

  • Bumping this! Last day today for pub orders but we still have 6 places available until the trip! If you don’t place pub orders today, you may not be able to find a space to eat at the pub but can definitely join for cocktails on their beautiful terrace! :)

  • Pub dinner sent over! We’re eating at the George and Dragon on the 6th of April at 7:30 pm! Cocktails on the terrace will follow after that! :)
    *Only three places left if you make up your mind the last minute! Nearly sold out!!
    *Can those of you with breakfast options let me know if you have any particular requirements? I’ve contacted Kate from the Bunkhouse to ask for vegetarian options and with the flexibility to share non-dairy milk and peanut butter if need be. Does that sound good?

  • Bumping this to inform all ladies that there are only 3 last minute tickets left for South Downs! If you’ve been thinking about joining or have any friends who would like to come along, grab them soon! :) Can’t wait for BST to arrive! 🤩

  • Here is my first attempt at rerouting the 100m VeloSouth Route via Houghton.
    Turns out quite hilly I am afraid and haven't done this sort of elevation for a few months :-(
    IF we have a few with Wahoo we can always amend ad-hoc :-)
    Let me know what you think.


  • Yes! I’m up for that on Saturday! We will need to make sure we are back in time for the pub dinner so other than that, I’d like to push my limits a bit ahead of Mallorca and see how it goes. We can always cut short and get back to the bunkhouse if need be! ;)

  • looks great! definitely up for that

  • I'm up for the 100 miler too. Had a little look at the roads on Google maps and it looks good to me! There is a section in the middle with a couple of A roads, but they look pretty small and quiet enough so should be fine.

    I've downloaded the route to my phone.

  • Cool! I would suggest to try to have an early start on this one, just in case, but see how we feel on Saturday morning!

  • Yeah, I'm up for an early start!

  • Hmmm. I am no longer sure I am currently fit enough to do the distance and elevation.
    Here is another route with bits shopped off ;-)


  • We are 18 in total, so I’m sure we can split into 3 groups of 6 to accommodate all levels/capabilities.
    I’m keen to do a harder ride on Saturday and a flatter/more leisurely one on Sunday and visit Arundel with its beautiful castle and the surroundings. Bognor Regis is not that fancy a place but I’d b keen to hit the seaside through a flattish route on Sunday.

    On another note, I can now confirm and everything has been confirmed and sorted with the Bunkhouse so we’re good to go! Kate will be there when the First Ladies arrive so she will show you around by the time I get there. I will be arriving at around 9pm..hopefully not later!
    I will try to find some time to dig any other routes too. Thanks for looking into this Eva! If anyone else is keen for other routes, please share your thoughts! :)

  • Anthi - I've sent you a private message with an alternative phone number for myself.

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Half the Road Weekend Away 5-7 April 2019

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