An Introduction to Club Cycling - 15 November

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  • Hi new here..
    Are any of these rides available on a sunday as im a night worker and can only rise early on a sunday.

  • Hey @Marky

    The intro rides are only on Saturday, but you could join the C-ride on Sunday morning, if you feel up for it. Just come a bit earlier and mention you are a novice to the leader of that day and he/she will explain the basics.

    What speed do you normally go?

  • Thanks for the reply Martine,

    My average speed really depends on distance over a short 10 mile ride 16mph but it slows down to 13mph when i do 30m+ ive been riding solo for quite a while now and really looking for motivation to ride further than i do on my own, hence the interest of joining you guys.

  • A "C-ride" is normally 12-14 miles per hour and about 40 miles.

    I agree that riding in a group is a good way for motivation.

  • So i just turn up at the park sunday morning?

  • yes, we leave at 8:30 sharp at Whittington Park. Come 10 minutes earlier and ask someone with a jersey to give you some quick instructions about the signs/rules we use while riding in a group. Also when the C-group is gathered, mention to the leader you are a novice such that he/she can give some extra instructions if needed and keep an eye out.

    The idea is to always stay as a group, unless it is a steep hill in which case everyone waits at the top.

  • Thanks Martine,
    Ill see you sunday.

  • I am afraid that I have had to mark myself as not attending as I have family commitments. Gutted to be missing this, not least because Mr. W has signed up.

  • Sorry to hear @GeorgeB. The next one is in the middle of December. Have fun with family.

  • Thanks Martine, will do. Hopefully see you in December.

  • Note to all participants

    I changed the starting time to 8:30 (in stead of 8:45) which allows us to ride out without traffic. I will also mention this in the personal message with more details on Thursday.

  • Hi all,
    looking forward to Saturdays ride. Has the meeting point been announced yet?

  • I will send all the additional information including meeting point, by personal message on Thursday. See you on Saturday

  • Hi, I'd be keen to come along if anyone drops out before Saturday - If not will there be another ride in December or January? Thanks

  • yes there will be an intro in December. But keep an eye for any dropouts.

  • Thanks for the update re the meet details :)

  • You should all now have a personal message (when logged in, top right corner of the website "messages"), with information about start location and route.

  • @Piers a spot just became vacant. can you press the "attend" button if you are still interested.

  • I am having to drop out, unfortunately - my left crank fell off on my commute home today and need a whole replacement chainset... An expensive commute home. Hopefully someone else can take my spot and I can come to December's

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  • Hi, just snapped up the last place after @SimonR 's misfortune lead to my fortune, sorry to hear that by the way! @Martine, would it be possible to send me the personal message you speak of that you've sent everyone? Thanks, Tom

  • @walkertom @Piers you should have received a personal message in the message system on the forum (top right). See you on Saturday.

    @SimonR Sorry to hear your bike has broken down. I hope you are are not injured yourself. Hopefully see you in December (13th).

  • Reluctantly pulling out, have texted Martine, have a good one

  • Hi there. I've just signed up to the intro ride tomorrow. Hoping it's not full up already. Thanks!

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An Introduction to Club Cycling - 15 November

Posted by Avatar for Martine @Martine