An introduction to club cycling - 07 October 2017

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  • Whittington Park (Holloway Road Entrance), London
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  • Good ride today folks. I was impressed with the use of hand-signals and the group riding generally. A few pointers to my group, though I'm sure they apply generally:

    1. Communication: don't forget to pass calls up and down the group - there should be echoes of "change one" and suchlike so everyone knows whats going on.

    2. Awareness: keep an eye on the rest of the group - close gaps either by easing off or speeding up. It will become second-nature after a while.

    3. Responsibility: though a ride may have an actual or nominal leader, we are all responsible for ensuring the pace is comfortable, that no-one is dropped after a hill and that we represent the club in a positive way to each other as well as to other road users. Speak up!

    4. The club is only as good as its volunteers. Once you've done a few club rides, consider leading one, helping out at an Intro ride, marshalling at a club event. If there are riders without a ride or a leader, be the person that steps up.

    I look forward to seeing you all out on the road. In club kit!

  • Hi guys! Great ride today! Some points highlighted by @RobT apply as well but I have to say it's been a good ride overall, special thanks to the people calling out to ease up and keep an eye at the back so well and help me at the front and @Ish did an excellent job sweeping for the first time today! :) volunteering is not hard at all, right? :)
    A general note is to try to keep the group as tight as possible to prevent cars from splitting the group, as they always tend to grab the opportunity to squeeze in and we saw that happening today. But as it is normal, by the end of the ride the group is tighter and more consistent and so well done to all! It takes time to get to know each other well and get to that point of perfection and we definitely saw improvements today! If you have any comments/feedback, we'd be glad to hear your thoughts and I hope you will all sign up to become members! We are a fun community all inclusive and of course the coolest ones in London! Haha! :)

  • Thanks for a great ride today. Really enjoyed it and will definitely sign up.


  • Really enjoyed it too. Defo signing up

  • Hi guys. Could you let me know how I can sign up please? I’m new on here! Thanks

  • Hi Mira,
    The November intro ride is currently full but people do drop out so worth monitoring the thread in case a space opens up. There is a December ride too

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An introduction to club cycling - 07 October 2017

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