An Introduction to Club Cycling - 16 August 2014

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  • Hello +DavidC. You would be most welcome on the Intro Ride in September, but I don't think the event has gone live yet. If you check back after this weekend, it should appear here on the forum for new sign-ups.

  • Unfortunately I can't make it this time so I leave a space for someone else :) hope to make it next time!

  • Hi @Andrea, @Laura & @alexD, would I be able to take @Andrea's place?
    Thanks a mill!!!

  • It looks like somebody beat you to it on the attending list, d'oh! There will be rides from Whittington Park on Sunday (8.30 depart) so you should have more luck trying one of those. I'd suggest the C-group for the first run so you can attempt group riding over a distance that you're comfortable with. I'm not sure who is leading it this week but just let them know that it's your first time when you get there and it should be gravy

  • Hi guys I have to pull out of this one! Looking forward to the next though. Hopefully someone can take my spot.

  • Have to pull out as not feeling too well and can't be 100% sure That I'd make it :(

    Space now available for anyone else that wanted to go.

  • @Dee there is a space availiable now if you want it.

    better be quick though.

  • +Dee - I know you've been having some problems not seeing the 'yes I'm attending button' so I have taken the place on your behalf so no one else nabs it.

    +alexD and +stephenT - when you send the ride details please include +Dee on the list.

  • Great! Thanks @Laura, @alexD + @stephenT!
    See you then!

  • Hello, a quick question... You say no D locks on the ride, will we need a lock of some capacity or none at all? Thanks and see you tomorrow!

  • None at all, you will always have your bike with you, so no need to bring any locks. Is just adding weight.

  • Hi @Helenab

    You wont need to lock your bike up so you will not need to bring a lock. Its just unnecessary weight to carry.

  • Note some last minute spaces available.

  • Hi All, I just signed in for tomorrow's ride which will be my first with the club. I understand we are meeting at 9.30am but unsure about the exact location - can someone please advise? thank you!

  • oops - I just read that I will receive details by pm so please ignore my previous.

  • If you dont hear from @alexD then let us know and i can send you the details.

    Also be nive to refer to you by name rather than a number.... we are not a prison....


  • Thank you - I have now named myself (that was the default name given to me by the login software). Look forward to cycling with you guys tomorrow.

  • Info sent. If you have signed up but haven't received anything then please give me a shout

  • Hi Alex, received details both from you and Laura - cu in the morning.

  • Thanks for this morning guys, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope you did to and that we have given you the confidence to come along again and hopefully join up.

    If anyone has any questions about the club please contact me.


  • Thanks for coming along to this everyone, a great group and hopefully a fun first session for you! I hope to see many of you out on a ride soon and for those that have signed up, I would recommend the next group skills session to help build confidence (I will probably be attending too as you always learn something new!)

  • Thanks alexD and The_Other_Rob for Saturdays intro. It was really enjoyable and good fun to ride in a group rather than solo.

    I am a member already anyway.

    I should make it to Regents Park laps 8am on Saturday.


  • Any idea when the next sign-ups for this session go up?

  • I know....

  • New intro session is open.

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An Introduction to Club Cycling - 16 August 2014

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