An Introduction to Club Cycling - February 6, 2016

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  • And of course if anyone else is unable to attend on Saturday I'd be most interested in taking your space and coming on the ride!?

  • Hoping for a cancellation to make it along this weekend...!

  • not permitted to view that.
    not permitted to post here:

    need admin approval?

  • @el_jirafa if you could pop a PM to @Sir_Shannonball with your details, he can sort you out.

  • The instructions for this Saturday's ride have been sent out - you should see it as a yellow envelope in the top right hand of this website. Click the icon and it will take you to the message. If you haven't received them please let me know.

    To those that can't make it, please vacate your spot and advertise it on here. To those that take any vacated places, please make yourself known and we shall send the joining instructions to you!

  • In bed with flu. Can't see myself being well enough to make the ride tomorrow, so my place is available.


  • Sorry you're not well David, hope you feel better soon. @alexD I've registered in David's place.

  • Sorry to hear that David, get well soon!

    Welcome @MissCopsey - the joining instructions are winging their way to you now

  • Sadly I'm no longer able to join tomorrow morning. My space is up for grabs! :)

  • Hi lottie, can I take your place please? Many thanks and if that's ok can you send me details of how to transfer the place to me. Great stuff!

  • I've just accepted the vacancy Lottie at the top of the Forum-is that all I need to do and just turn up/hope for no rain?!

  • I've added you to the "huddle" - if you click on the yellow folder on the top right of your screen, you'll see the messages re tomorrow's ride.

    All you needed to do was click the "i'm attending button" which you have, so all booked and ready.

    See you then!

  • Hi - following my recent car-based collision, I now have my arm in a cast for a scaphoid fracture so can't make tomorrow's intro session. Well gutted! Hope to join you for next month's. Sorry for late notice - just found out today.


  • Sorry to hear that Charles, sounds nasty!

    Two spaces available

  • Hello! Just a quick note to say thanks for the ride this Saturday! I really enjoyed meeting and riding with you guys. I have now paid my fees and am a member of the club, so thank you again!

  • @dtmco see you on the road buddy!

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  • Thanks for the ride on Saturday, it was good fun! Mine and @Hemmetti's half a pint of cider in the local pub ended up being a bit expensive and unfortunate as my bike was nicked from the beer garden during the half an hour were spent there.
    But as soon as I get a new bike, I'll join you guys for another ride! :)

  • @Eskimojudi I am sorry to hear that! I really don't get why and how people justify stealing other peoples property!

    Where did you stop for a drink?

  • Thanks Martine. We went to the Bald Faced Stag in East Finchley.

  • Sorry to hear @Eskimojudi, hope you get it all sorted out.

  • @Eskimojudi it is a bit of a long shot but do register your bike at

  • Sorry to hear that too. Worth registering on here as I know a couple of people who got their bikes back this way - just tell the police if you see it listed
    Thanks all for the intro ride, I'm also about to sign up and become a fully fledged member so cheers!

  • I signed up and paid for my membership a couple of days ago, but I seem to be unable to reply to posts in the 'clipping in' section of the forum.

    I think it's something to do with permissions on my account. Guessing this gets sorted when a moderator gets round to it?

    Also... anyone from last Saturday going out on a ride tomorrow morning?

  • Hi Phil - our secretary is the only one who can give you permissions for the forum, but he is on holidays this week. If you ping him (@Sir_Shannonball) he will proccess things when he gets back.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding.

    Hope you enjoyed the ride today!

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An Introduction to Club Cycling - February 6, 2016

Posted by Avatar for alexD @alexD