An Introduction to Club Cycling - 22 March 2014

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  • I'm comfortable riding in groups, so that shouldn't be a problem. But don't want to gate crash on Sunday if it's a members only thing as I've not joined yet


  • James, you're fine coming out on a Sunday ride a couple of times before you join. We've 4 rides leaving on Sunday morning at 8.30. An A, 2 Bs and a C.

  • Awesome, I'll be there. Thanks!

  • Do I just rock up or should I note my attendance somewhere?

  • Just rock up, 8.30, Holloway Road entrance to Whittington Park. You really won't be able to miss us, we'll be the ones resplendent in green

  • Great, see you there

  • @user6748 James, it's an 8.30am depart so try to get there before then

  • Ah yes, my bad. Get there early

  • No problem. I'm just down the road . I'll be there bright and early.

  • Thanks for letting me know there's a spot left, Simon! Have put my name down for tomorrow.

  • Sure, James

    Congrats on the new bike!

  • Ladies, dont wait for me, new baby issues....

  • Thanks for the ride guys, I had a good time despite the weather! If possible I'll join in on the ride next Sunday

  • Thanks a lot for this morning! It was fun despite the weather and we will definetely come back and join the club! Have a good weekend everyone!

  • Big thank you to @Laura & @Ali for such a lovely introduction to the Group! Looking forward to spending many more hours with lovely people, in- and out the saddle!

  • Had an awesome time today. Even (sort of) enjoyed the weather. Thanks @Ali, @Laura and @Morgan for showing us the ropes today. Will be signing up and hope to come for the C ride next week.

  • Great stuff - thanks to all who came along and braved the hailstorms. You did great!!

  • It was a fun ride today! Thanks Laura and Ali for organizing the ride.

  • Yep, thanks Ali, Laura and Morgan for guiding - very welcoming.
    Sorry I couldn't stay for coffee - I had to get home to make lunch for visitors.
    I plan on joining the Regent's Park loopers on Saturday - as long as there's no hailstones.

  • I enjoyed the ride today very much and I guess enough has been said about the weather!!
    A big thanks to Laura, Ali and Morgan. I will definitely have a go at a Sunday ride.

  • Thanks to all who came along today. The weather was biblical at one point and my face is still recovering. Hopefully we'll see some of you on the club rides soon.

  • Well done @Ali & @Laura for sorting todays ride out,really enjoyed it,even the hailstones.

  • We've had a couple of odd calls, @Laura had Geese on the Blue Egg Run, we've had deer on a ride I led to Mott St, but the best had to be on Saturday when we had to call out "Ramblers" just outside Barnet.

  • Hey guys, when will the next intro ride be? I've never done group cycling before, but am quite interested in getting involved and improving my cycling with some team effort (read: peer pressure).

    My solo 40 mile ride last weekend, although fun, would have been better with others to share the burn with! It wasn't until I got to the bottom of Star Hill that I realised I'd be going up Brasted Hill. Next time I ride a new route, I'll remember to check the elevation profile first :)

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An Introduction to Club Cycling - 22 March 2014

Posted by Avatar for Laura @Laura