An Introduction to Club Cycling - 22 March 2014

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  • Whittington Park, Holloway Road
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  • +The_Other_Rob I think if you help out with orientating the newcomers it would be much appreciated

  • +The_Other_Rob - yep if you're joining in the spirit of the session then sure, but remember this is not a training ride :)

  • @Laura @Shannonball it is always social for me. Regardless.

  • @The_Other_Rob why wait for Totteridge Lane when you could join us for Regent Park Laps at 0800 for a warmup!

  • @Morgan time limited I am affraid.

  • Then we look for ward to seeing you at Totteridge Lane!

  • Hello,

    My husband and I are thinking of joining your club but have never ridden in group. Can we do a try tomorrow?

    Thanks a lot!

  • @user6782 (Corrine) We limit numbers to 12 so it is a manageable group out on the roads. However, Pip has messaged saying that she is stepping out of this weeks ride so I don't see why you and your husband can't come along.

    It would mean that @Morgan and @The_Other_Rob you would be unfortunately unable to ride with us this time as the group would be at 13 before you joined us.

  • Fantastic Ali! Anything I need to send you to confirm we'll be there?

  • Excellent, nope we shall see you tomorrow at 10am.

    If you could just read through this and just give your bikes a quick check over then you'll be good to go.

    What to bring:

    A road bike is preferable to a hybrid. Islington is primarily a road cycling club, so we feel this point is very important and having a road bike will make your ride more enjoyable (not to mention speedier!)
    Spare inner tubes and a pump. Also, please check your tyres are fully inflated before you join us.
    Energy food. We're only doing a short ride, so an energy bar or a banana will do.
    Water. Make sure that you can easily carry water with you on your bike.
    Waterproofs and / or warm clothing. The weather can change quickly - make sure you have checked the weather report and dress appropriately.
    Money. Either for the cafe stop or in case of an emergency (you might be in a situation where you need to get a train or taxi home! So bring enough cash or your cash card!)
    What to leave at home:

    Your D-Lock. You won't like climbing hills with a lock in tow.
    Your rucksack. You should be able to stuff all your things into jersey pockets - or invest in a saddle bag. Rucksacks aren't much fun on a club ride.

  • :(

    It's cool +Ali. Enjoy.

  • All good, thanks! We'll be there at 10am! We are Corinne and Bryan!
    Looking forwarding to seeing you tomorrow!

  • @Ali No worries, I was going to come along to assist you and Laura.

  • Okay, after some careful deliberation we would like to offer @Morgan and @The_Other_Rob to ride with us after all. If you two behave and don't cause trouble at the back or middle of the peloton then you're welcome to join us.

    Please understand this only came about over concerns for numbers, but you guys know what you're up to. Consider yourselves re-deputised. If you'd still like to?
    ps Women's prerogative to change their minds.

  • Just to confirm that we have 11 new riders with us and 3 ICC's from Whittington Park at 10am, and we'll pick up Rob on route.

    To all those that would've liked to join us this time and missed out, there is always next month so make sure you book your place early. There is also Regents Park laps every Saturday or Swains Lane Tuesday mornings to join in on.

    On a serious note, please don't show up tomorrow if you don't have your name down already as we restrict numbers for safety reasons.


  • @Ali I am glad to be re-deputized. I'll do my best not to cause trouble anywhere in the peloton..... no guaranty ; - )

  • The free hub on my bike has just broken so I have no bike :( Can't believe it, this'll be the second session I've missed. I'm determined to join.....eventually! Someone is welcome to have my place.

  • Gutted to miss out. Will next months run be a similar time in the month? I've not cycled in a group before so was hoping to join in on this before the Regent Park runs!

  • Lucky for you @alexD @Jack_S has had to drop out. If you want to grab it, now's your chance.

  • @Ali that would be great, thanks!

  • Ali hi. I'm a newbie as well and would like to join for the ride, but it seems as if it is a full house. If anyone cancels before tomorrow am, Please let me know. Thanks!

  • @Ali just to check, are we meeting at the Holloway Road entrance to the Park or elsewhere?

  • I am sorry but I cant make this tomorrow. I have to be back home before 11am now. @Adriette you can go instead of me. Hopefully next month I can make it if not working.

  • Hi all

    Afraid I can't make tomorrow morning (Saturday intro ride) as I'm picking up my new summer bike in the morning! :)

    Assume I'm okay to show up for the first time for the Sunday ride too?


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An Introduction to Club Cycling - 22 March 2014

Posted by Avatar for Laura @Laura