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  • Hello - I joined the club about about an hour ago so don't have access to post in 'the proper place' just yet, but I was planning on joining you tomorrow for laps at Regent's Park (hoping I can keep up that is).

    First things first, does this session include what one would call 'advanced' cycling techniques (chain ganging etc)?
    The meet time is for 6:30 "at the college" according to the website - would that be the London Business School on the Outer Circle?


  • Hello there Orestis and welcome to ICC! Here's some info for you regarding the Chain Gang:

    Warm up from 6.30pm at Regent's Park, Inner Circle, ride anti-clockwise until you find each other.

    At 6.45pm, pull in by the college opposite York Bridge Gate and form groups according to speed. Groups should be 8 riders max. Explain to everyone what we will be doing, ie chain gang, especially if non-members arrive.

    Ride in chain gang for 45-60 mins

    Then pace line for 15-30 mins - taking turns at the front, maximum of 1 lap, a half lap is best.

    *Take great care if you fall off the back of a group and try to rejoin a group.
    *Have mudguards if it is wet, as we ride close to each other
    *Don't start off too fast, get some rhythm with you group and build slowly

    If you have any more questions then please ask!

  • Thanks Laura! Sounds like a tough 1-1.5h on the bike - should be fun!
    I'll plan to be at regent's for 6:30pm, barring work emergencies.

  • Alo! not joined yet but was hoping to make it tonight for the RP laps.
    Should be able to make it for 6.30pm
    A friend of mine is a keen cyclists and is looking to hopefully join too, can he tag along?
    Looking forward to the pain! :-S

  • All new members are welcome of course! If you haven't ridden in a chain-gang before, please flag this up to the established ICC members there and listen to their instructions. It's a bit of a discipline! Here are some tips from our Club Chairman, +RichardM:

    Chain Gang comprises two parallel lines. And as with the Club Run riders shift position in an anti-clockwise direction. [NB: Clockwise depending on wind?]

    So what’s different?

    Well, this time the riders’ changes of position are constant, fluid, and are not announced by verbal signals. Essentially, the right hand (outside) lane moves about 1-2kmh faster than the left hand (inside lane). Consequently:
    when a rider reaches the front of the right hand (outside) lane he or she moves to the left to join the front of the left hand (inside) line and then eases his or her pace slightly; and
    when a rider reaches the back of the left hand (inside) lane he or she accelerates slightly and moves right to join the back of the right hand (outside) line.
    Sounds complicated. Any tips?

    Yes. A couple:
    Accelerate when at the back but not when at the front: When moving left to join the front of the left hand (inside) line, do not accelerate – Rely on the fact that the left hand (inside) line is moving slightly more slowly to allow you to do so. This is really important! If you don’t do it the Chain Gang will get faster and faster until it breaks up.
    Be subtle: When moving left or right keep your lines shallow – A sharp change of direction is likely to move you into the wheel of the rider ahead of, or behind, you (depending on which way you are moving).

    Relax: Look up, and don’t just focus on the wheel ahead. Doing so will enable you to anticipate what is going to happen rather than react to it. And do try not to use your brakes. Yes, really!

  • Alternatively we're doing outer laps on Saturday mornings which are simpler, and are getting a decent turnout at the moment. 8am by the Zoo, RP outer circle. 7am for advanced riders.

  • Laura - Many thanks. More generally, we are currently finalising a short note containing some practical tips on riding in a group, including how to ride in a chaingang and paceline. It should be finalised in the next couple of days. Watch this space for details!

  • yea that doesn't make me at all nervous :-P #bikepileup

  • When you write it down, it sounds more complicated than it really is. My top three tips are:

    NEVER overlap wheels with the rider in front
    NEVER brake suddenly. Stay smooth.
    BE AWARE of riders around you, and how you ride can impact on them

    You'll be fine! :)

  • More on group riding here

  • Thanks for the info Laura - very helpful!!
    Sadly client calls keep wrecking my schedule so I'm skipping tonight, but I WILL join Sat morning which sound more manageable for my skill set (I promise myself that)!

  • Hope to see you on Saturday +Orestis!

  • Yo! :-)
    I did venture over to Regents Park but we couldn't find anybody...did the inner circle laps around 6.30 and waited on the side of the outer circle for a while but couldn't see any groups going round :-(

    managed to get 6 good laps in so all is good. Will try to make it out on saturday morning too. Will most likely join the team this week :-D

  • Oh, what a shame you couldn't find anyone - sorry about that +Steve_Harris. Wednesday nights to tend to be a bit patchy in attendance. Please do come along on Saturday if you can - its much better attended and good fun. Also, because its daylight you should be able to see the Islington Jersey's!

  • I think at one point i nearly shed a tear :-P
    Yea will try too...need to get my brakes sorted on the bike first, bontrager pads a beyond useless.
    failing that ill be there sunday :-)

  • Save your tears for the hills ;)

  • this man does not cry in public...i save the hill tears for home ;-)

  • Anyone planning to turn up tomorrow? In that case I'll be there as well.


  • I will be there if I can get out of work in time. John

  • Looks like +aidan might be heading over for some Regents laps on Wednesday night. There should be a Weds eve thread on the 'In The Saddle' section of the forum that you can keep an eye on....

  • I don't seem to be able to write on that one to invite others...I lack privileges.

  • Yes, sorry about that. You'll have to wait until our secretary returns from Mallorca at the end of this week and he will be able to get you setup on the forum as well as send out your new membership details.


  • Ta Laura. No problem at all, just wanted to see if anyone else is going as last time it was great fun doing paceline work....

  • yeah, i was planning on going. i don't usually get the chance.

  • Cracking..unless work cocks it I'll be there..what time will you be there?

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Weds @ Regent's

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