Becoming a member whilst we're impacted by Covid 19

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  • Hi Sally, I am now a member and would like to join Sunday’s ride, if possible. I do not know how/when to register, however, I will come along on Sunday morning at 8.30am to Highbury Fields and fingers crossed. Chris S

  • Hi Chris,

    If you check on the forum a bit closer to the weekend, people will start to post rides that you can join. At the moment you should avoid turning up to the park without signing up to a ride. This is due to the current guidelines on group number and our club need to be able to track and trace riders should we need to, so we have to make sure that everyone is registered against a particular ride.



  • Just following up regarding interest from prospective members.

    @Harry_Jackson , @Geoff , and @AgathaTomaszewska , are you, or any other prospective members interested in finding some sort of ride this weekend?

    Probably due to forecast of some rain, there's no obvious proposals of regular club rides, so I am just wondering if I might find one or two other ICC riders for some ride, and we might even be able to accommodate a guest or two.

    I also note that the intro rides have only just started up again, and, unsurprisingly, the first is full. There are apparently group skills sessions, this evening (13th) and the morning of Sat 22nd which might have a place or two left.

  • Hi Tim,
    Yes, I am interested and have just joined. Where were you thinking of going?

  • Hi Chris,

    For this Sunday, I was thinking about a shorter-medium sort of typical Herts loop. However, I'm posting here just to check interest from prospective members/guests in case a few folks could arrange something.

    If you are already a member, then general forum access can be used to propose rides or check for proposals (with, probably, a meet up at Highbury Fields). As mentioned, rides are often suggested very close to the actual Sunday. Sometimes people can be found at Regent's Park on Saturday morning, and if I don't have anything more specific in mind, I'd probably see if I can find people there.

  • Hi Tim, that is fine with me if you decide to go ahead, just let me know. I will continue to monitor the Forum anyway though. Thanks

  • One spot has opened up on this evening's Group Skills session

  • @Tim(TLB) I do plan to ride this weekend. Ideally Sunday AM or PM, I'm open. I have a new Canyon I'm looking to test out for a longer ride. I am already registered for the group skills/intro ride on the 22nd, but eager to get out on another informal ride this weekend, whether it's with other prospective members or not.

    cc @AgathaTomaszewska @Harry_Jackson @Chris77

  • Great, I would prefer AM early-ish if at all possible, as quieter then. Let me know what you decide. Chris77

  • @Geoff and @AgathaTomaszewska , @Harry_Jackson , @Chris77 and any other prospective members.

    I am going to see who I might get hold of, and try to arrange some sort of 'modest' type of Sunday Hertfordshire ride on which we could take two or three prospective members (guests). If anything is sorted, it'd be a morning ride, departing from some mutually arranged spot - probably Whittington Park.

    I'll post a forum 'message' directly to folks mentioned here (you should see a little envelope icon at the top right of the forum page). Any other interested parties are welcome to message me. We'll see if a ride can be arranged.

  • Hi there,

    I am very interested in joining ICC, but can't see an obvious way to sign up for one of the skills sessions or any other 'introductory' ride. I see there has been some chatter on here about these sessions and other ad hoc things that people are putting together.

    Could somebody advise me about the best way to go about joining (the club and a ride/session) at the moment?

  • Hi Jordan, the sessions are available to sign up for at the links below.

    Group Skills:­04/
    Intro Rides:­05/

  • Jordan please send us an email at [email protected] and we will send you lots more explanatory info on joining and/or trying us out. We hope to see you soon.

  • Hello, may name is Jimena and I've just moved to London. I would like to be a member of the group and be able to join you for your group rides. I sent an email to the address above but I also read that the forum was another way to get in touch. If you can give me any guidance regarding the process I would appreciate it.
    Thank you!

  • Hi @Jime_AG94!
    Visit our main website to apply for membership and then book yourself in one of the Intro Rides or Group Skills (required to do one of these to get your membership approved).­05/­04/

  • Hi @Anthi
    Thank you very much for your response. I've already followed the membership purchase instructions at your website and booked my place in one of your Group Skills ride in early september. I'm looking forward to meeting you all.
    Have a nice day!

  • Hello All! Sorry to be stupid can anyone tell me where the registration is for the Track and Trace system after doing Regents Park laps? I am sure I am just being thick but asking this forum seemed to be a good place to start! Jerry

  • Hi Jerry, it is on the members only section of the forum. Details in this thread­/352617/

  • Thanks Zac! Brilliant!

  • Ah, sorry Zac it says it is a private subforum so I do not have permission to go in. Gawd sorry for being thick do I put in my membership number? Jerry

  • Jerry make sure that the email for your @JerryTate forum login is exactly the same as your British Cycling email address you joined us with. The two are linked. If it is different you won’t be able to see the member sections of the forum as I recall.

  • Exactly that. When you join the club the email address you use to apply via British Cycling is what's given the forum permissions once you're approved as a member.

    @JerryTate you should only need your email address to log in - we don't use any kind of membership number. Please let me know if you're having issues getting access.

  • Hi Sally and Sean
    Yup OK, so I have checked and my email address [email protected] is the same on the British Cycling club login and the one I am using here to login to the forum, but it still will not let me access the members area. Is there something else I need to do? Sorry to be a pain. Jerry

  • Hi Jerry,

    I've just popped your email address through again, so hopefully it's working now. Please log out and back in again if nothing is showing up immediately and let me know if you can see the whole forum or not.


  • Great all works now thank you Sally!

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Becoming a member whilst we're impacted by Covid 19

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